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5 Questions for Jerome of Cometh Members Public

Starting over a decade ago with Bitcoin mining, Jerome de Tychey's hobby evolved into a career that would shape his trajectory. His interest took him on a journey through roles at Ernst & Young, ConsenSys, and Ledger, where he honed his skills and expertise. His love for gaming


5 Questions for Rick Crosschain of ggQuest Members Public

Initially playing with the idea of starting an eSports guild, Rick Crosschain, co-founder and CEO of ggQuest, shifted focus after identifying sustainability gaps in blockchain games. He noticed that most were vulnerable to attracting an audience more interested in exploiting the system than genuinely playing the game. Along with his

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5 Questions for Bohdan of Mithraeum Members Public

Bohdan Melnychuk, the CEO and founder of the political strategy game Mithraeum, is an experienced engineer with expertise in game theory and cybersecurity. He saw potential in crypto back in 2017 and began exploring its underlying principles. As a hardcore gamer at heart, Bohdan dreamed of creating autonomous virtual worlds


Inside Cross the Ages: A Conversation with CEO Sami Chlagou Members Public

Cross the Ages is one of the most exciting web3 gaming projects in the space, a card game boasting download numbers and other metrics that would be the envy of the traditional AAA space as well. With a unique gameplay system coupled with a sprawling original intellectual property behind a

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Interview with Oresto - The Immortal King Members Public

I like the feeling of being a trailblazer. I have been with the project practically since the very beginning. Even when I didn't yet understand what it was all about, I could feel something interesting was emerging. Something interesting was coming to light.

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5 Questions For BigTime Members Public

As you may have already seen, a few weeks ago we were lucky enough to speak with Matt from BigTime on the subject of Web3, RPG, NFTs and much more. Here we provide a full transcript of the interview along with links to the appropriate content. Enjoy!

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