Title image with text: 5 Questions for Bohdan Melnychuk of Mithraeum

5 Questions for Bohdan of Mithraeum Members Public

Bohdan Melnychuk, the CEO and founder of the political strategy game Mithraeum, is an experienced engineer with expertise in game theory and cybersecurity. He saw potential in crypto back in 2017 and began exploring its underlying principles. As a hardcore gamer at heart, Bohdan dreamed of creating autonomous virtual worlds


BlackPool x The Sandbox: Onward to the Metaverse! Members Public

BlackPool is thrilled to announce that we have joined the SandBox Metaverse!

Kaibyō / Malazdot

BlackPool x Footium: LFG Frens! Members Public

The initial club sale at Footium launched on Monday and we are delighted to confirm that BlackPool have secured 50 club NFTs that will create new and exciting opportunities for our BlackPool scholars! What is Footium? Footium is a new Football Strategy Game where you run your own NFT football


BlackPool x Cometh: WIN A M.U.L.E! Members Public

Monday Surprise airdrop from Cometh and BlackPool! We’ll give a M.U.L.E. to 20 of our sharpest gentleapes that will reply creatively to 3 questions.

Kaibyō Hazelstar
Kaibyō / Hazelstar