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BlackPool Bulletin #48

Narcisse Pri
Malazdot / Narcisse / Pri

This week, Web3 was jam-packed and full of surprises, triumphs and practical jokes! Turns out there's an Easter egg hidden in every Macbook. Opensea is in recovery mode after announcing its new trading platform. Elon seems to be pushing his favourite coin on the bird app (No surprise there) and, Euler Finance got its monies back! Hooray!

  1. Bitcoin Whitepaper found hidden in every updated MacBook
  2. Twitter updated its logo to Dogecoin. It lasted 3 whole days.
  3. SushiSwap's approval bug leads to a $3.3m exploit
  4. Trader Joe's V2.1 promises a "market-leading experience."
  5. Euler Finance recovers stolen funds
  6. What on earth is an OTC?
  7. The mechanics behind predatory market makers
  8. The new Cross The Ages trailer
  9. Magic Eden unveils Bitcoin LaunchPad
  10. Opensea is back on the mend
  11. Game Spotlight: Treeverse

1. It seems as though there's a copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in every Mac running macOS Catalina or later versions.

2. Is Elon pumping his own bags again?

3. Sushi's bugged approval system used to grant users access to their funds via smart contracts have cost them millions. So, if you haven’t already, REVOKE APPROVAL NOW!

4. Trader Joe's V2.1 is a game-changing improvement for AMMs; making the Liquidity Book more accessible with the promise of an unrivalled experience.

Introducing: Liquidity Book V2.1
A New Era of DeFi Yield Farming

5. Slow clap for Euler as hacker returns the entirety of the stolen funds. A rare triumph for the books!

6. So, an OTC is an 'over-the-counter' transaction. Huh? If you're still scratching your head wondering, "But what the heck does that even mean?" you can delve into this detailed thread to help you wrap your head around it.

7. Another day, another shady revelation in the crypto-sphere. Learn more about the ins and outs of crypto governance tokens and dubious market makers.

8. A sight for sore eyes indeed! Check out the new 'Cross The Ages' trailer showcased in Time Square NYC during this year's NFT.NYC Conference.

9. Magic Eden announced a Bitcoin Launchpad that gives creators a simpler way to release Ordinal NFT products.

10. Opensea is back to reclaim the number 1 spot with its latest announcement. They must be keen on recouping their revenue pre $BLUR.

11. Game Spotlight 💡

Cartoon character sitting on a grassy hill

Treeverse is a top-down, open-world, classless mobile MMORPG with social features and a focus on collaborative gameplay.

As you embark on an odyssey in the city of Elderwall, guarded by the World Tree, you'll find yourself surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe as you explore the fantastical realm of mythological creatures.

Put your skills to the test by crafting unique weapons using primal energy and slay bosses for the ultimate immersive experience.

Ape Tip: Pre-alpha spots for active community members! Head over to the Treeverse Discord to find out how to claim your spot on their whitelist!






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