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Getting Started With Cross The Ages – A Comprehensive Gameplay Guide Members Public

Cross The Ages is one of the most ambitious and exciting web3 global gaming projects out there, starting with a trading card game (TCG) offering a unique spin on the classic collectable card game formula. Veterans of the genre will find a lot to like here in terms of game

S.A.M. Luci
S.A.M. / Luci

Sorare Guide: How to get started with Sorare Members Public

Their tagline of Own Your Own Game is no joke: it’s the ability to buy and sell your player cards as virtual tokens that makes the platform special, and their big-name partnerships serve as definite eyebrow-raisers in the web3 space.


Immortal Guide: Everything you need to start Members Public

Immortal offers an exciting new take on the classic game of chess, offering unique blockchain elements and small but meaningful twists on the well-known gameplay formula that captivated people around the world for thousands of years.

Luci Pri
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