BlackPool Bulletin #31

A free mint during the Super Bowl, the Ledger Op3n setting new standards and revealing the Stax, Illuvium launching the new test phase, The Beacon running a mini tournament… Rugs and fun for this week in the crypto space.

  1. A lot of new things coming to StarkNet. A recap.
  2. Did you ape into Lens Protocol?
  3. Renault NFT (R3NLT) incoming…
  4. A live free mint during Super Bowl.
  5. Illuvium first day of beta!
  6. Ledger Op3n: a new standard.
  7. Ledger Stax, the little game changer.
  8. The last RTFKT drop leak… or not.
  9. On-chain analysis of a big rug.
  10. Winter Tournament Series start on Immortal.
  11. Speedrun competition on The Beacon.
  12. Major update on Sorare!
  13. A game changer in the royalties war.

  1. A lot of new things coming to StarkNet. A recap.

2. Did you ape into Lens?

3. Renault NFT at NFTFactory: hyped?

4. The first live mint on TV, a new step for adoption?

5. Getting ready for Illuvium? We are.

6. We were at Ledger Op3n, and what an event.

7. Ledger Stax: the apple of crypto?

8. Some trolls after the last RTFKT drops and their issues.

9. Always good to dive into rugs, the more you know…

10. Time to qualify for the Winter Tournament Series on Immortal!

11. If you are already speedrunning The Beacon’s dungeons, it’s time to compete!

12. Sorare pushing a new big announcement. Easier in-game progression for everyone?

13. Royalty war still ongoing, Manifold to release a marketplace blocker.

OpenSea To Transfer Control Of Royalty Enforcement Tool to Industry Collective - The Defiant
Manifold Releases Marketplace Blocker

That's all folks, see you next week!

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