New beginnings and fierce competition.

Prepare for a slightly longer mission recap this week as alongside our usual data reports we also have some other big events which require a quick debrief.

Kaibyō Hazelstar
Kaibyō / Hazelstar / Malazdot

An intense week filled to the brim with events means a delayed report this week. Please accept our humblest apologies. The chimp in charge has been sternly reprimanded and had their rations cut accordingly.

Prepare for a slightly longer mission recap this week as alongside our usual data reports we also have some other big events which require a quick debrief.

We began the week by widening our reach and increasing our presence in the metaverse, dispatching a crew of our top Apes to set up a Mythic Guild in the Guild Of Guardians universe.

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG where players can turn their gaming passion into assets. It will be a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of ‘Guardians’ and compete in a guild to earn epic, tradeable rewards.

As we have now established ourselves with a Mythic Guild in the game universe, this means that when the game is live, 50 of our finest BlackPool Academy Scholars will be able to get involved and help us conquer an entirely new universe.

Next on the agenda, and probably the biggest news of the week, the long awaited BlackPool token was released! The Blackpool Token (or BPT) is a governance token which allows users to vote and earn fees generated by the different verticals available on Blackpool.

A way of further uniting our troops from all around the world and enabling us to achieve amazing things together, make sure to check if you are eligible for your free airdrop here.

More additional excitement this week as the Captains of our Cometh fleet released one of the most iconic, mythic spaceships in the fleet as a prize for the Sunriser Sunday competition. Members of the community took part in a contest to create the most inventive and entertaining meme, in order to take the Lamborghini of Cometh ships out for a spin this weekend and let's just say, competition was fierce.

Follow the outcome of this competition as well as our continued efforts in the Cometh system by following us on Twitter here.

Our standard fleet analytics now, and this week saw the return of a frightening presence in the game.

We encountered a number of comets surrounded by powerful radiation which managed to interfere with the radars of even our most powerful ships. But what powerful entity could be behind this? Something hidden out there was able to intercept and eradicate certain comets before they reached our ships, leaving our crew and the Galactic Administrators baffled. Investigations are still ongoing, we will keep you updated as this progresses.

Our top three pilots this week were Secret, pilot of the Mellivora, and Oooppssii was joined by Kael, from our allied faction Snails Force, to form the Friendmaker squadron. All of whom did fantastic work and together with the other fleet members managed to lower our ratio by a full 8% to an average of 6.9.

It's been a competition frenzy this week as the BlackPool cup rounded off it's third week and participants grew hungry for the title of champion. June 2nd saw 3 managers selected for their performance:
- Kkaramch
- Ne_moy
- GBO21
were highlighted and added to the prize list but there is still everything to play for as the contest progresses. Stay tuned to our Twitter page for more details on prize allocations and rewards in the coming days.

Manager 1 was unstoppable during Game Week #168 as they took home eleven incredible results and really put BlackPool on the map. This was nicely followed up by some pleasant rewards in Game Week #169 which helped generate a conservative 20 ETH of combined prizes and ETH won over the two game weeks.

Even with so many other events taking place, our Sorare managers continue to amaze with their performance.

Additionally, this week Sorare announced a new dynamic rewards structure, a range of Sorare merchandise and the launch of new MLSPA 2021 cards as well as one off 'Collectors Champion Edition' cards for players of the 8 licensed teams that won their domestic title this season. All of these were very positively received by the wider community.

A healthy 20+ ETH of sales were generated over the week which in turn helped pay for 4 targeted Americas Uniques for Managers 1 & 2

It's been an exciting season so far and things only seem to be getting better as we move through to Game Week 170 and draw ever closer to defining the overall champion of the inaugural BlackPool cup. Watch this space.

Last week's suspicions regarding the breeding of Meta Axies were confirmed in a memo this week, as it turns out our managers are working on their breeding programme for rank-chasing scholars of which we now have an abundance.

More breeds, more Axies, more SLP farmed as our numbers increase exponentially.

A nice series of rounded off milestone numbers populate this weeks Axie chart, as we are happy to announce we surpassed the 200 mark for scholars and hit the all time high of 1000 Axies under management. An incredible achievement and real tangible proof of how quickly our scholarship programme is picking up speed.

With the contract for upgraded SLP now active on Binance CEX, the price of SLP has finally been correctly established and the breeding / staking token AXS has also held steady.

The price per breed is still 2x AXS and our managers have picked up some more during the previous volatility.

As always, we wish our community luck in their ongoing gaming endeavours and thank you for participating in the BlackPool ecosystem. For further information on how to get involved or for any questions and comments, please follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram group.