Ultimately, we are a DAO. By the people, for the people. There is no difference between the community and the contributors - Blackpool is a collective. No matter who you are, come with ideas, passion and creativity. BlackPool is your home.

Anyone with the requisite talent, ideas and willingness to work is able to contribute to BlackPool, even if they do not hold BPT, and without the need for authorisation to do so.

# Developers

Contribute by building on top of BlackPool via GitHub (and apply for a retroactive grant) or reach out to @HatashiY on telegram 👾

# BlackPool Labs

If you want to submit a proposal for an interesting acquisition to diversify the BlackPool treasury you can submit a written proposal to BlackPool Labs by following these steps.

# BlackPool Blog

Are you creative? Fancy yourself as the next Hemingway? Write for by clicking the link below!