BlackPool x The Sandbox: Onward to the Metaverse!

BlackPool is thrilled to announce that we have joined the SandBox Metaverse!

Kaibyō / Malazdot

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is one of those projects that almost doesn’t need any kind of introduction in crypto circles. It has quickly become one of the power players in the ecosystem with its rapidly growing metaverse, an expanding economy, as well as a space for creative expression that is seemingly limitless.

The Sandbox Metaverse consists of three basic elements - a Voxel Editor (VoxEdit) which allows users to design their own voxel art, a Marketplace to trade creations and a Game Maker, where users can compose different elements and create experiences and games within the Metaverse. Additionally, SAND token holders can participate in the DAO ruling over the metaverse, steering The Sandbox ecosystem.

The basic premise is simple - a player can create digital assets, upload them into the game maker and use them to create experiences. These experiences may then be monetised, with players being the true owners of the Metaverse.

With the rise of different metaverse builds, The Sandbox stands out as one that truly focuses on the community, empowerment and ownership. All of these elements are something BlackPool holds close to its heart, as well.

It is for this exact reason BlackPool decided to agree on a partnership with The Sandbox and acquire land within the Metaverse. The initial deal took place on October 4, 2021, when BlackPool acquired a 6x6 land parcel and a token swap of 298,200 SAND for 36,800 BPT ($250k at the time of transaction).

What’s Next?

Sandbox has been one of the early comers into the Metaverse space, having started their journey in 2019. Since then, they’ve built solid tools and have managed to onboard a large number of users to start building their own experiences within the game.

Lieutenant Gordo Grande, who established the BlackPoolHQ outpost in The Sandbox homeworld and who will welcome newcomers visiting BlackPool lands.

With the arrival of the Alpha V3 version of The Sandbox, we at BlackPool want to create something unique and in our spirit within the confines of our land. A 6x6 block of land in Sandbox is quite large and the options for what to build are many. Shall it be a BlackPool cantina? A spire? A gallery to showcase our brimming collection of NFTs across all troops? A representation of our Lab, football stadiums, stores, special gated portals?

There are many ideas.

We are currently looking for teams that might execute our vision within The Sandbox, so if you feel you might have what it takes to help out on this journey - reach out!