BlackPool x Footium: LFG Frens!


The initial club sale at Footium launched on Monday and we are delighted to confirm that BlackPool have secured 50 club NFTs that will create new and exciting opportunities for our BlackPool scholars!

What is Footium?

Footium is a new Football Strategy Game where you run your own NFT football club in a live, global, multiplayer game.

Through the years, Football management games have given fans of the beautiful game endless hours of enjoyment (for most too many to admit!) and with Footium's launch it now offers to build on a proven and popular concept with the added benefits of a play-to-earn ecosystem for its club owners and gamers.

Classic match engine with play by play highlights

BlackPool - Footium relationship

Over the past months the BlackPool team have been engaged with the Footium founders in a consultative role which has culminated in us becoming the first DAO to be invited into this project.

Our involvement at this pre-beta stage has been crystalised via the acquisition of 50 clubs from the 3,060 clubs being sold in the initial mint at 0.05 ETH each which will provide new scholarship opportunities within our soon to be created Footium Guild.

Club Reveal

After the initial mint phase we look forward to revealing the initial traits of our clubs on an exclusive stream (details to be announced soon).

Join us live as we unveil the unique traits of each team that include; Club lore, badge, stadium, colours and then, most importantly, we'll find out which divisions each club will start in (D1 - D8).

We've also been allocated a special customised club which we know will be given a starting position in the game in either a D3 or D4 alongside other early influencers.


Which players will make the grade and be minted as their own NFT?


We are really excited by the vision and roadmap that Jordan and James (Footium Co-Founders) have presented and the diligent work that they and their team have carried out prior to this week's club mint.

We look forward to supporting them throughout the beta testing phase ahead of then participating in the first official Footium matches!