BlackPool x Cometh: WIN A M.U.L.E!

Monday Surprise airdrop from Cometh and BlackPool! We’ll give a M.U.L.E. to 20 of our sharpest gentleapes that will reply creatively to 3 questions.

Kaibyō Hazelstar
Kaibyō / Hazelstar

This July, we are looking forward to entering the Polygon Galactic Grand Prix organised by our friends at Cometh!

The competition is right around the corner, lads and lassies! Pilots from all corners of the galaxy are converging to just a few solar systems. The experienced space apes are already honing their mining skills... And you? Where will you be when it all begins?

Anyhow, last week was good to us, so we feel like treating you guys a little! Whether you are already roaming the ether in search of rich comets to mine, or if you’re still a pedestrian dreaming about your first spaceship, you deserve some Monday surprise airdrop!

Summer 2021 Climax: The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix
Five months after going live on Polygon, Cometh’s groundbreaking DeFi and Gaming applications drove an unprecedented traction:

Follow the link for all info on the Polygon Galactic Grand Prix organised by Cometh!

The M.U.L.E. is a special spaceship granting you access to the Galactic Academy, although it isn't fitted with a working drill, it is perfect to get accustomed to ship handling and mining operations within deep space. Especially when you can earn yourself a seat for the competition... where huge prizes await.

The Cometh M.U.L.E: Mining Units for Light Exploration

We’ll give a M.U.L.E. to 20 of our sharpest gentleapes that will reply creatively to the 3 following questions on our discord or telegram channels and twitter:

1) What’s your favourite Cometh spaceship collection and why?

2) If BlackPool was to have a spaceship collection, what would you name the 4 ships?

3) Why do YOU deserve a M.U.L.E.?

Once you get a M.U.L.E, head over to and starts catching comets in the Galactic Academy! Every day, the first 10 players ranked are awarded an entry ticket to the Galactic Cup taking place on July 10th 2021 at 2pm UTC.

Good luck frens, and may the most creative win!

This airdrop is open to all and we'll reward the 20 first most creative answers, chosen by the team.
Keep in mind that you'll need an Ethereum address to be able to play the game and compete in the tournaments.