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BlackPool Lab: Monthly Gaming Roundup - July


Hey there, fellow gamers! 🎮🌟

Wondering which awesome projects to keep an eye on in the web3 gaming space? Don’t fret, for the BlackPool Lab Monthly Gaming Roundup is here! 🏆🚀

Just like the previous editions, this roundup covers the following:

  • games that the BlackPool Lab is invested in
  • interesting game announcements
  • our watchlist of games

In this edition, we’re bringing you all that you need to know about the top games in the web3 space. Let’s dive in!

Update on games we are invested in – July 2023


Chain: Ethereum
Genre: Fantasy sports

Sorare, the ultimate web3 fantasy sports game, has been taking up space in the blockchain gaming community for a while now. The development team continues to prioritise platform development and user experience. This July, despite the limited number of games in the Football and NBA front, the platform had some significant updates to explore and experience.

The introduction of a cash wallet promises to be a game-changer. By simplifying the process of buying, selling, and trading Sorare cards, promising a better onboarding and playing experience for the upcoming football season. With leagues resuming and big transfer rumours circulating, all eyes are on the game’s latest updates and the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s outsized impact on the real-life transfer market, with its far-reaching implications also having a tangible effect on the Sorare markets as well.

You can check out the latest updates below, plus our starter guide on Sorare:

· Cash Wallet Introduced

· Lionel Messi in the MLS - Inter Miami cards on sale!

· Sorare on Tour - Soccer Sevens

· La Liga Summer Tours Begin!


Chain: ImmutableX
Genre: Sports

MetaFight’s first two tournaments were a knockout (pun absolutely intended), with over 2000 prizes awarded to early participants. ETH, Fighter cards, and merchandise were just some of the rewards that players could earn during the six-week-long alpha tournaments.

Now, the action is heating up with the start of the ‘Summer Season’. Running for four 11-day fighting periods, MetaFight fans get to experience 44 continuous days of intense tournament action across three arenas. To encourage new players to join the fun, MetaFight currently offers free starter packs, making it the perfect time to jump into the fighting ring.


Chain: Starknet

Genre: MMO

Website: influenceth.io

Influence, the space strategy sandbox MMO, puts players in control of a talented crew exploring the asteroid belt of the Adalian System. Each crew member has a distinct class, contributing to the efficiency of your spacefaring team.

Asteroids function as valuable lands within the game; each represented as an NFT. Owning these asteroids grants players control over valuable resources and opportunities for development, ensuring the strength of the second-hand market. The game’s full-scale launch is on the horizon, and fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to build their space empires within the Adalian belt. Collaboration opportunities with BlackPool are open, so why not join in on the interstellar fun?

· An introduction to Influence

· At Launch

· Onchain with high-fidelity graphics

You can find gameplay peeks and excerpts here:

· Flight Planning Tool

· Adalian Home Builder

· Development features sneak peek


Chain: TBC

Genre: Sports

Website: https://www.sportfaction.com/ & https://twitter.com/FootFaction

This is a game with interesting elements for football fans and true gamers alike, with the potential to bring the web2 masses into blockchain gaming through its clever use of technology and a strong value proposition.

Exciting times are coming very soon for this project as the team works diligently to finalise high-profile partnerships, further develop the game proposition, and launch their first web3 digital assets with support from BlackPool Lab.

FanLive Rugby

Chain: Ethereum
Genre: Sports

FanLive Rugby is all about celebrating the sport of rugby with a web3 twist! With continuous feature additions and strong communication with the community, it stands out from the sea of similar projects in the space. The recent weeks have been action-packed in the community, with new card auctions and the successful conclusion of the first Game Weeks (GWs) serving as a strong step forward for the project.

You can learn more about it by checking out this sneak peek.

Cross the Ages

Chain: Ethereum
Genre: Card game

Card games are a perfect fit for the web3 gaming ethos, and Cross the Ages shines brightly in this genre. The game’s recent record-high App Store downloads have catapulted it to the forefront of blockchain gaming. The team has been busy with the July Arkhome tournament, offering $3000 in-game assets to participants of the July Zealy Quest alongside other rewards. August will see the Zealy quests continue with a further $1500 in CTA assets up for grabs.

With the Mantris Season 2 details revealed and exciting gameplay updates, Cross the Ages continues to captivate players worldwide, with the collection selling out in just 50 minutes! Check out our game guide and get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of strategy and adventure!

House of Boxing

Chain: Ethereum
Genre: Fantasy sports (free-to-play)

Calling all boxing fans! House of Boxing is your one-stop destination for a gamified sports experience. As the true first free-to-play global boxing fantasy game, House of Boxing lets you predict the results of top fights all around the world and compete in weekly tournaments for fantastic rewards. As you progress, you’ll get to train and develop your very own boxer, eventually taking them to the ring in a mobile-friendly boxing game (in development).

You can join the following Discord server today to become part of the House of Boxing VIP club and get involved in their Zealy quest page for the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Notable game announcements – new kids in town (July 2023)

Cosmik Battle

Chain: Custom OP Stack (alembic.tech)
Genre: TCG

Cosmik Battle, by Cometh, bridges web2 and web3 gaming, led by a passionate team of gaming enthusiasts from AAA companies like Activision-Blizzard and Ubisoft.

Touted as the next generation of trading card games, set in an intergalactic universe, aiming for Q4 2023 launch on the Epic Games Store, it is going to be one of the first blockchain-powered games on the platform, paving the way for a new era of gaming.

Cosmik Battle will also be available on Hyperplay, a groundbreaking game launcher, with full crossplay support on the App Store and Google Play Store coming soon after release.

The game redefines the genre with innovative mechanics, offering fast-paced intergalactic warfare. Deploy fleets of sheep, summon Mechas, or call on the Greek gods for assistance.

Earn valuable resources from battles, craft cards, and own them – trade with other pilots or keep them for your collection. The Cosmik universe is an offbeat, mayhem-filled world with colorful characters and different planets to explore, offering players a chance to embrace interoperability and utilize assets from their favorite games in other interconnected experiences.

For the latest news about Cosmik Battle, follow them on Twitter @CosmikBattle

Updates on web3 games already in development

Star Atlas

Chain: Solana
Genre: Strategy MMO

Star Atlas, which touts itself as “a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination and more” built on the Solana blockchain, has had an interesting month.

ATMTA, the company behind the game, revealed significant layoffs, with 73% of the team let go. Despite this, CEO Michael Wagner is still focused on successfully delivering their vision with this blockchain-based game, showcasing their new game world with 5k CCUs in a single server via their joint partnership with @MetaGravity. It will be interesting to see how this decision affects development going forward.

Our list of games we are watching

We keep a close eye on all of the above and many more games: the list below is just a sampling of what’s on our radar at the time of writing this report.

That’s it for this edition of the BlackPool Gaming Roundup! The web3 gaming space is bursting with exciting developments, so keep gaming and stay tuned for more updates and events next month. See you on the leaderboards! 🎮🏆