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BlackPool Bulletin #49

Narcisse Pri
Malazdot / Narcisse / Pri

Last week’s ups and downs left us feeling weird. Could the Shapella upgrade be the fuse that sparks the bull market? Mastercard seems to have the scoop on the future of music NTFs. FTX miraculously recovers billions in assets, and Yearn Finance keeps on yearning.

  1. DeFi Llama's shiny new NFT dashboard
  2. Uniswap makes the CEXs cry
  3. Shanghai x Capella = Shapella
  4. ConsenSys can't get over the upgrade
  5. FTX recovers $7Bn in assets
  6. It's Yearn's turn
  7. Know your presale
  8. Moonbirds NTF collection to drop on April 27th
  9. Mastercard's artist accelerator and music NFTs
  10. Alts by Adidas
  11. Game Spotlight - MetaFight

  1. NFT dashboard that filters out wash trades and offers detailed stats on all collections? *gasps and smacks gob* Cannot be!

2. The CEXs are losing their sh*t— the @Uniswap mobile wallet is finally out!

3. Ethereum officiated the Shanghai and Capella marriage, and it was beautiful. Sigh.. what a time to be alive.

4. In honour of the Shapella upgrade, Consensys drops an NFT collection. Happy Shapella, frens!

5. So, when should we expect our monies back?

6. Yearn left yearning for $10 mln USD they lost in an unfortunate hack.

7. Soft Cap, hard Cap, no Cap! Don't get rekt by blindly apeing into presales. Master the art of wise selection.

8. There you have it! Proof that Moonbird's parent company has plans to release an NFT collection. Told ya so!

9. Mastercard's Web3 R&D team is killing it! They've just dropped a Music Pass NFT collection, unlocking access to their Artist Accelerator program. Are Music NFTs the future? 🎶

10. Adidas just unlocked the next level of its web3 journey: ALT by Adidas.

💡 Game Spotlight - MetaFight

Fighter game cards with images of real fighters superimposed in them. Two males and one female.

MetaFight is an NFT game where players compete against each other in leagues using fighter cards. The NFTs represent real-world professional MMA fighters.

The plot begins with an MMA fighter losing his most recent fight via KO. He soon realises it'll be a while before he can fight again. After contemplating it for a few days, he finally decides to set up a gym and starts training the most promising up-and-coming fighters the world has seen.

As the player, it's up to you to make the tough choices and build your dream gym from scratch. Will you focus on grappling, wrestling, striking, or all-around training? Your fighters' success depends on the path you choose.

Strategize, gain experience through combat, improve your gym, push fighters to their limits, and claim the title of the Best Manager in the world.



Ape tip: The rewards are now live! Try your luck at winning our first packs of cards.

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