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BlackPool Bulletin #55

Pri Narcisse
Malazdot / Pri / Narcisse

This week on the bulletin, the news remains light, but not less amusing. Gods Unchained descend with gifts for their mortals. BTC uncrowns SOL on JPEGs. Blockchain rumours keep swirling around GTA6, and Vitalik welcomes and warns us of the future.

  1. Gods Unchained descends bearing gifts
  2. Is Grand Theft Auto VI on the blockchain?
  3. Psysops: BTC overthrows SOL on JPEGs.
  4. Vitalik welcomes yet warns us of the future.
  5. Crypto Twitter gets called out on their security advice
  6. Missed LSD? Here’s another chance with LSDfi.
  7. Is on-chain gaming the next frontier or a pipe dream?
  8. Gaming Spotlight: Realms
  9. Ape Readings: meme coin trading bot, phishing scams and account abstraction

  1. Gods Unchained reveals its new roadmap. New pack opening experiences, a $GODS staking dashboard and a mobile soft launch 👀 are just a few of the things that await you mortals.

2. Rumours of Grand Theft Auto VI using crypto for rewards and NFTs as in-game goods are swirling once again.

3. Stably has found its way to the #Bitcoin blockchain and overthrew Solana’s NFT volumes. We wonder what Bitcoin maxis make of all of this.

4. A message from Vitalik himself: “Don't overload Ethereum's consensus,” explained through a few ‘Welcome to the future scenarios.’

5. Getting security advice from Twitter is like getting medical advice from Tiktok, or so it seems.

6. Liquid Staking Derivatives is breathing life into a new narrative LSDfi. @Defi_Mochi discusses the main actors and their fight for market dominance.

7. On-chain gaming, bullish or a pipe dream? @0XTaetaehoho gives a history lesson on gaming and why he thinks on-chain gaming is the next frontier.

8. Game Spotlight: Realms

Realms is a collaborative building game set in a virtual world powered by Dojo on Starknet. Players assume the role of Realm Lords, owning and developing their unique virtual land called Realms. With full control over customization and resource management, players strategically construct landscapes, buildings, and alliances to prosper in this immersive game. Engaging in governance and exploration, players shape the game's direction while uncovering hidden treasures and encountering thrilling challenges in the expansive Realms universe




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