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BlackPool Bulletin #53

Pri Narcisse
Malazdot / Pri / Narcisse

From plummeting pancakes to scorching insights, this week's bulletin dishes out a mix of letdowns and lessons. $CAKE takes a nosedive, while a redacted Medium article exposes the fiery truth about the US banking crisis. Oh, and Elon? He's stirring things up once more, causing NFT floors to skyrocket with just one tweet. Strap in for a blend of irritation and intrigue in this week's round of Web3 news!

  1. The pancakes leave a bad taste
  2. Have you mastered yield farming yet?
  3. The banks are bricking it
  4. Elon, the ultimate MM
  5. The promising $ARB
  6. How networks utilise their native tokens
  7. Tessera is democratising NFT investment
  8. Trouble in Ethereum?
  9. Game Spotlight - R3V3NGE

1. The bitter taste of disappointment as $CAKE takes a downward plunge. The Head Chef of #PancakeSwap serves up a thoughtful thread, aiming to restore faith and assure the community "that our recent changes have been made with careful consideration and for the long-term benefit of PancakeSwap and our users"๐Ÿฅž

2. scroll through a thread of pure crypto science by @0xMughal, offering insights and strategies for yield farming, liquidity provision, and staking. But don't get caught in the weeds! Farming isn't risk-free, so always diligently DYOR.

3. Curious about how the banking scene affects the future of crypto? Well, @CryptoHayes shows us in this thread shedding light on the US banking crisis. And, if his article was deemed too hot for Medium, leading to its censorship, then you know it's a must-read.

4. Sigh.. Elon took to his app again, dropping a meme about the Milady NFT project, causing the floor price to jet from 3.8 ETH to 7 ETH at its peak. All with one measly tweetโ€ฆshaking our heads

5. @Crypto_McKenna's biggest bet is on $ARB. A speedster among Ethereum's layers, attracting protocols, users, and monies. Boasting network growth, liquidity dominance, and an upcoming game-changing EIP-4844 catalyst, this thread screams "big potential!โ€

6. This thread examines the ways that various networks, including Polygon, Avalanche, and Polkadot, make use of their native tokens for staking, validation, and securing relay chains.

7. Tessera, a fractional NFT project, is democratising digital art ownership and investment. Owning valuable digital assets is no longer restricted to a select fewโ€” now you can own fractions of valuable digital assets otherwise out of reach.

Find out how Tessera is revolutionising accessibility and investment in the digital art market.

Fractional NFT project Tessera to shut down amid tough crypto market
Fractional NFT project Tessera and its sister project Escher are set to shut down over the coming weeks amid tough market conditions.

8. The beacon chain struggled to reach finality, a state that ensures that a block cannot be altered or removed from the blockchain. @terrence.eth explains how Prysm nodes were caught up in it.

๐Ÿ’ก Gaming Spotlight: R3V3NGE - Zombie FPS on Polygon.

R3V3NGE is an AAA web 3 first-person shooter game that takes advantage of the Polygon blockchain. It offers a thrilling and intense gaming experience with multiple game modes, including Zombies, Team DeathMatch, and BattleRoyal, each providing unique challenges and gameplay mechanics. One standout feature of R3V3NGE is that all in-game assets are fully owned by the players, allowing them the freedom to buy, sell, and trade their assets as they please. This ownership aspect gives players complete control over their gaming experience and adds a layer of economic value to the game. Whether players prefer battling hordes of zombies, engaging in fast-paced team battles, or fighting for survival in a battle royale setting, R3V3NGE aims to cater to a wide range of preferences and offers something for everyone seeking an adrenaline-fueled shooter game on the Web3 platform.

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