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BlackPool Bulletin #50

Narcisse Pri
Malazdot / Narcisse / Pri

This week in Web3: The EU has finally checked its email and accepted our invitation. A French bank also wants to join the party. Meanwhile, Krafton is launching a metaverse platform, and Starbucks is dipping its toes into GameFi?!

  1. EU leaps ahead of the U.S. and U.K.
  2. is Rabby the iPhone of wallets?
  3. Societe General launches Euro stablecoin
  4. Sui drops its tokenomics
  5. The best DAOs by design
  6. @Starbucks tries its hand at GameFi
  7. Krafton promises a metaverse game in 2023
  8. @elixir_launcher X @SquareEnix
  9. Kaidro webtoon converts to Web3
  10. 💡 Game Spotlight - @PlayMightyHero

  1. Yay for us! Thoughts & prayers for our friends across the pond..

2. Rabby— a security-centred, auto-switching multichain wallet with a pre-transaction risk screening feature. This might just be the iPhone of DEX wallets!

3. Repeat after me "Any adoption leads to mass adoption."

4. Sui Network drops tokenomics and promises low-cost and high performance.

5. Take a dive into DAOs and digital assets with this scholarly thread that highlights @CurveFinance and @ConvexFinance as the best DAOs by design.

6. All hail the two-tailed coffee mermaid.

7. Krafton, the studio behind the smash battle royal game PUBG, announce that their metaverse gaming platform will launch sometime this year!

8. By leveraging the Elixir launcher, which already includes an Epic Games Store integration, the Final Fantasy developer is jumping head-first into Web3.

9. The creators of Call of Duty and Apex Legends launch @kaidrochronicle, a #Web3 role-playing game on @Immutable

💡 Game Spotlight - Mighty Action Heroes

'Mighty Action Heroes' written in all caps with a retro gaming theme.

Fun and mayhem await you in Mighty Action Heroes, a real-time multiplayer third-person battle royale!

Remember the good old days when the most important thing was getting your hands on the newest, sickest, and coolest action figure from your favourite Saturday morning (or after school) show?

If you've ever wanted to live out your Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy adventures or see your toys come to life, then Mighty Action Heroes is the game for you.




Ape Tip: If you’re a Troop Cards hodler, simply engage in the #MightyActionHeroes ecosystem and you could claim a juicy reward.

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