BlackPool Bulletin #27

BlackPool / Malazdot

It is hard to not focus on the ongoing FTX drama this week. We know that SBF playing LoL has been debunked many times, but let us believe, please. The rekt is so strong it's still ongoing.

What will remain of this circus in a few weeks? Who will survive? Wait, see, and own your assets.

  1. Messi & Sorare, who's in?
  2. Genopets not affected by FTX bankruptcy.
  3. A free-to-play World Cup on Sorare.
  4. Sad rekt: Star Atlas.
  5. A list of linked/affected companies by FTX.
  6. SBF playing LoL?
  7. Aptos founder with a FIAT donation button?
  8. What is the goal of Reddit?
  9. Gree x Avalanche: Square Enix coming to the Blockchain?
  10. Another shitcoin (called Meta).

  1. How can Sorare go bigger now?

2. Your keys, your assets.

3. Back to Sorare, let's enjoy some free-to-play league.

4. tl;dr : never ever leave all your treasury on a CEX. Feel bad for this project.

5. Spend a few minutes to DYOR.

6. Let us believe it's not a rumor, please.

7. Oh the irony...

8. That seems to be a masterplan, but how? Wer go sir?

9. Square Enix now going into blockchain. Is that a surprise? Not at all, but finally some FOMO.

10. More ironic news... What goes up, must come down.

And That's all folks, see you next week!