What an incredible competition that was! We could not be prouder of our scholars and community members! Due to the amazing turnout and quality of the 168 entries, we have increased prize accounts to the top 5 artists, instead of 3!


We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the contestants who participated in the first BlackPool Academy Competition!
We are ecstatic with the number of participants who engaged in creating fantastic art for all to enjoy. We are truly impressed by each and every one of you for your dedication and enthusiasm, even if you did not place on the podium.

To show our appreciation for those that took the time and effort to enter, everyone who entered the competition will have their place in the application queue moved up so that they receive their BlackPool Academy Scholarships sooner. It is worth being an active member of the community in this guild!

For those of you who are not really comfortable with making artworks, we will be running another competition soon that doesn't require drawing skills! Stay tuned and stay active on Discord & Twitter for announcements!

The winners below will all receive a BlackPool Academy Scholarship and start earning SLP in the best Axie Guild.

5th Place

John’s winning entry reminded the judges of a Classic Comic Book Cover Art.
“I was inspired by the Mythical creature "King Kong"; the King of the Apes; the King of the Hollow Earth.
This art is Prismacolors on A4 Vellum, and took me 36 hours to draw in total. I entered the contest so that I can get a Scholarship because I want to help my family in financial needs.
Thank you so much BlackPool for this opportunity.”
John Mark Caburnay, San Carlos City, Philippines. @jmarkk24

4th Place

Joel, the world needs more people like you! Our warmest salutation to you sir. 
“I entered for a chance to help someone close to me who is in a difficult situation. I am gifting this account to them. I was inspired by the fact that I wanted to capture the feeling as if the gorilla came from another dimension and how he does everything possible to achieve his goal, which in this case is the SLP; there a bottle in the reflection. The Gorilla reflects how the Academy helps all of us who have had the opportunity of a scholarship to get financial aid in difficult situations, especially in my country. I live day-to-day with the SLP from my own scholarship that was granted to me by BlackPool and that means sometimes I can make artwork for local people. I truly am grateful for all the support you offer us all at BlackPool Academy. You are changing lives in my country, and I wanted to do whatever I could to help others in the same situation and way of life.”
Joel Alexander Reyes, Venezuela. @joelio221

3rd Place

"Unassailable". The level of details in this artwork is simply astounding. Hats off to you Julian!
“I am a charcoal portrait artist here in the Philippines. This artwork is entitled, "Unassailable." The fierce looking of Axies and the Gorilla symbolises how this guild is unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated. My research shows that gorillas symbolise “confirmation that all your plans are going well, and any endeavor that you want you to pursue will be solid and steady.” Stay grounded as you accomplish your tasks and believe that your inner strength will get you through the difficult parts. Just like my struggle in pursuing this dream, I just need to be strong to create my dreams.It took me around a total 6 hrs in this artwork. I had a lot of time thinking what concept or style I will choose. I am proud to create this artwork because this guild enables me to continue doing art commissions. BlackPool is my inspiration for making this artwork.”
Julian Paulo Santos, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. @julssntss

2nd Place

The complexity and choice of colours attest of the work of a true artist. Congrats Nestor!
“What can say about my art? This competition was the key to let myself open the big door into the world of Axie.
It took me 3 days to finish this piece. At first I was a bit hesitant on joining this challenge because I had stopped creating art for a months now but I felt motivated seeing the creativeness of other participants so I decided to join.
Thank you BlackPool Academy for appreciating my hard work and letting me join this team.”
Nestor Magno Jr. Cabanatuan city, Philippines.

1st Place

Isiah, you have so much talent! We are incredibly fond of your work! Our most sincere congratulations to you for this masterpiece!
“This piece took me 1½ days to complete from initial sketch to painting.
I was inspired by The BlackPool Academy, giving me the drive to win a scholarship. I had advice and support from fellow artists on our social media group to make this the best artwork I could.”

We want to extend our congratulations and thanks to Joel|BlackPool Academy, one of our existing scholars who helped create the piece by purchasing and supplying the canvas and painting materials using SLP he earned playing Axie. Thank you kindly sir.

Isiah Madamba Alcantara. Nueva Ecija, Philippines. @jmythss

Honorable Mentions

The standard of art and sheer number of entries made this competition very hard for the judges! In the end it was put to a vote, and whilst the following entries did not make the winner’s podium, they were all very close and are worthy of honorable mentions! BlackPool Academy wants to extend thanks everyone who entered!

Jonathan Martinez @Jonatha64573745
Angel Gabriel Pinto Castro @Angel8Bits
Ruben Mattey @RubenMattey

Once again, many thanks and congratulations to everyone who entered this contest! Join us for the next one... soon !