From sports cards, to game items, to digital art, the NFT economy is quickly establishing itself as a thriving sector of the global marketplace, with a number of these scarce digital assets being traded for hundreds of thousands — some millions — of dollars.

Just like in the traditional collectibles markets, the highest returns are made by specialists; those with a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of each platform and market sector. These individuals are bound to dominate the NFT market and secure a disproportionate amount of the returns fetched by unique digital assets.

We decided things must be done differently. We have come to your planet to democratise access to the scarcest non-fungible assets. Introducing BlackPool — a first-of-its-kind, actively managed, tokenised NFT fund. BlackPool’s ambition is to democratise access to the most sophisticated, highest-yield generating assets and strategies in crypto, giving everyone a chance to reap the rewards.
BlackPool is the first on chain protocol to combine long tail investment analysis, AI and self-organising team guilds to generate passive income. The DAO currently focuses on three components: portfolio investments, competitive gaming, and the incubation of creativity.

Ultimately, we are a DAO. By the people, for the people. There is no difference between the community and the contributors - Blackpool is a collective. No matter who you are, come with ideas, passion and creativity. BlackPool is your home.

You can gain exposure to the portfolio and access voting rights by holding the BlackPool token; (Ticker: BPT).