When Mechas Soar - BlackPool x BattleFly

BlackPool is proud to announce the partnership with BattleFly, the upcoming TreasureDAO metaverse fighting mechas!


The TreasureDAO ecosystem represents one of the most fascinating phenomena in the crypto gaming ecosystem. With over 20 different projects building rapidly under the $MAGIC banner, connected both economically and narratively across the board, TreasureDAO seems like one of the most promising approaches to the future of gaming.

In BlackPool, we've already had a very positive experience with the ecosystem with our initial investment in 2021 and in our search to step up our investment, we have encountered BattleFly.


The story begins towards the end of humanity, where in the search for last remaining resources, humans developed highly sophisticated combination of AI, DNA and military technology to create BattleFly, a breed of fighting machines created to fight as human proxies...until there were no humans left.

Now, BattleFlys fight for their AI overlords, bent on harvesting what remains to consume.

Intriguing, right?

That's exactly what we thought when we looked at the game. The buck doesn't stop there, however, because this game also features amazing game design and quite interesting tokenomics, to boot.


BattleFly is essentially a PvP/P2E GameFi project that utilises $MAGIC as its' primary currency.

In its current stage, Season 1 presents us with an idle browser strategy game taking place in two arenas - the Garden and the Hyperdome. The Garden is a passive arena where BattleFlys float around and salvage mods that improve its' performance in battle. The Hyperdome, on the other hand is a PvP arena where two BattleFlys combat head to head automatically.


In order to enter the Hyperdome, players need to stake their Flys alongside a 5-100 $MAGIC. In Season 1, the winner of each battle receives a small portion of their opponent's stake. In this model, strategic players are rewarded over time, while those who are not focused on strategy will see their stake erode and evaporate. Players who lose in combat, however, are rewarded with NECTAR, which in turn gives them a chance to buy better equipment for their mechas.

The process is designed to be slow burning in an attempt to minimise the impact of inflation and speculation on the core of the game.

The Flys of BlackPool

After our Lab experts conducted their due diligence and extensive negotiation with the team, we have decided to invest 75 ETH into Genesis V2 BattleFlys, thus getting our Guild ready to play in the Season 1 BattleFly universe. Additionally, this investment represents a step further into the deep waters of the TreasureDAO, strengthening BlackPool's links with its blossoming wider ecosystem.

BattleFly prides itself with a stellar team of professionals designing each aspect of the game, clever tokenomic design and an ambitious roadmap - we look forward to seeing what arises as fruit of their labour!