Vox Populi: BlackPool's Gods Unchained Troop Marches On!

BlackPool is proud to announce the coming of a new Troop focused on Gods Unchained!


In November 2021, the second community proposal for the creation of a Gods Unchained troop passed. It was BlackPool DAO member QL that coined the initial idea. After receiving some guidance on how to set up a proposal, it was met with enthusiastic support from the BlackPool Lab.

The proposal was posted on the BlackPool governance forum. Following engaging and constructive discussions on the forum over multiple weeks, a live lab experiment was streamed. Subsequently, the decision was made to take the proposal to a vote on snapshot. This resulted in 63 different addresses voting in favour of the troop utilising 46,000 BPT. No votes were cast against initiating the troop.

There have been five community proposals to date, of which two have made it to snapshot votes. The first one was the proposal for curio cards  back in September 2021, brought forward by the DAO member Privateidentity.

BlackPool remains committed to decentralisation and empowering the community to shape the direction of the DAO. With such a vast amount of different projects developing in the web3 space, it is important to harness the power of community to identify opportunities. Once a proposal is brought forward by a community member, it is crucial that it is scrutinised and discussed on our forum before making its way to a vote.

The democratic process surrounding the Gods Unchained troop will continue its course as BlackPool investigates which assets, the likes of trading cards and cosmetic items, to purchase in close consultation with the BlackPool community.

Gods Unchained is a Blockchain trading card game developed by Immutable, an Australian team behind the layer 2 NFT platform Immutable X and forthcoming game Guild of Guardians. BlackPool already has an investment in Guild of Guardians, holding one of 10 extremely rare mythic guild NFTs.