The Troop goes to EthCC4

Hazelstar S.A.M.
Hazelstar / S.A.M.

For some of us faithful apes, bodies are still sore, minds are still slow, eyelids weighing heavily atop the dark cushions that laboriously uphold our eyes… Yes frens, we are back from a very special week indeed as members of the BlackPool troops roamed the streets of Paris last week… and FOMOed into the EthCC4, that was held from July 19th to 25th in Paris, France.

We were delighted to meet our community, in the broadest sense of the word, after months and months of working from our respective trees. Among those, our close friends at StakeDAO walked out from their jungle to let us ape onto their booth.

As a DAO, we value transparency and we feel like we should give a little recap of our week of hard work, day by day.

Day 1 - Monday 19th

Prior to the conference starting, we got wind of a few side events that we felt our duty to proudly bear BlackPool’s colours at (the fact that one of them was a rooftop event had nothing to do with it). We decided to split up to cover all fronts and we assured our presence at Future de La France, Where is DeFi heading? organised by Aave before gathering at the Oiler Rooftop Party.

Day 2 - Tuesday 20th

Conference kick-off! And the beginning of catching up with online friends! Amongst them, the Cometh team and their very nice booth, shared with Solid NFT, and some Snails Force members. We did try to increase our armada by entering the draw for Le France rare spaceship, but no luck there.

We also had some very interesting discussions with Rev Miller from Witnet and Atlantis World. Something to keep an eye out for maybe? 😉

Obviously, an event called NFT Financialization (despite a questionable choice of American spelling) was something that we simply wouldn’t miss. Here’s Julien being an absolute Chad alongside friends from Bunchy Protocol and Genie Labs. Alpha may or may not have been dropped…

Busy as a bee and business in the bag, our brave BlackPool friends boarded a boat, not bad! The DeFi Paris event, organised by Curve and Stake DAO, definitely sailed smoothly.

We had to end this second day on a high note, so logically it was time for the Rekt Hopium whisky tasting and “friends and family” reunion at La maison du Whisky. Some fine, prohibition-themed rare whiskies were consumed that night, but there was no shortage of conversions. The whole squad was there and lots of exciting news were shared around fine malts. It was definitely a nice moment to share with, among many many others, Brian from Sorare and Franz from Cursed Mining.

Day 3 - Wednesday 21th

Another arduous morning  and another eventful day of discussion and networking, culminating in Vitalik’s surprise speech and his characteristic flow full of wisdom, hope and humour: “yay DeFi is great, but Ethereum is more than that”….”I guess we should cancel Kim Kardashian”.

We got to discuss upsides and issues with NFTs valuation with Gauthier from before splitting and heading to many, many side events… and we didn’t miss a single one! We droped by Maker Mafia, where we discussed game development, while some team members connected at DeFi Paris (We’ll always have Paris). We shared the spotlight with StakeDAO  during the Mint&Burn event organised by Multis. On this occasion, we launched our very first live Twitch streaming for the auction and used the opportunity to announce the winner of the BlackPool x StakeDAO Art Contest.

As busy as the day was, that was only the beginning (well, for most of us) as the survivors headed for a night at the rAAVE that shall remain untold: “what happens at rAAVE, stays at rAAVE”, except the great memories of a night of meeting friends and team bonding!

Day 4 – Thursday 22th

The time to wrap up was approaching when we attended Jerôme De Tychey’s talk on Cometh as we share the same objectives of onboarding more people to blockchain through games. Jerôme reflected on Cometh’s first iterations, and told us what’s planned for the future, and we like it!

We also liked the EthCC After party, not gonna lie! Lots of deep discussions on the future of France, beer in hands, rekt news on the counter. An all-round awesome night! Ale together strong.

Day 5 – Friday 23th

Unfortunately, all good things must end (like bull runs, kek) and so did the ethCC4, but BlackPool continued just a while longer with a nice and laid-back brunchpool, with friends of BlackPool and guests from the NFT world.

As the game comes to a close, finish line in sight,
The champions must suffer the dawn, as they brave the light.
But fear not you who has been chosen,
As the brunchpool, not unlike safe haven,
Will bring to you much deserved feast and quiet.
For the morrow has no place for rules and diet.

Finally, we made the best of our venue to carry out several interviews, notably for Liberation, a French national media, and for Cursed Mining Youtube channel.

That’s it troops, that’s a little bit of us we wanted to share! For those we met, it was a pleasure! For you, friend of BlackPool, that couldn’t make it to Paris, we are looking forward to seeing you at the next event!