The BlackPool Lab

Introducing The Lab, BlackPool’s Research and Development department. Together, we research, invest and reap the rewards but we must do this methodically.


The BlackPool Lab is the institution through which we cultivate our edge, grow our assets and altogether master the world of play-to-earn gaming and yield-bearing NFTs.

It has many purposes and will be forever evolving. As you know, BlackPool is a DAO with the aim to be fully autonomous and controlled by the people. This is why The Lab provides our community with the tools to be actively involved in BlackPool’s activities and library of detailed analysis on games, protocols, collections, etc.

Among many other things to come, The Lab aims to involve the BlackPool community with investments and activities, and provide support, feedback and advice in order to assess and strengthen investment and partnership proposals. Going through The Lab, contributors from the community can request assistance such as analysis on tokenomics & market research that requires specific skills from BlackPool core team members, before submission of a proposal to the DAO.

The overall goal to organise research, knowledge and perspectives of NFT projects will contribute toward the realisation of a library of open-access documents from lab reports to peer-reviewed articles and quality assessments, in fine, serving as a benchmark for new NFT projects.

The Lab is the structure through which we accompany the community members in their process to get involved with BlackPool. Broadly speaking the possible outcomes are either new investments, new troops, new articles/documents or new partnerships. Investment or grant proposals are submitted to a vote, articles are published in the blog and all will be compiled into an organised library (soon). Here’s how the structure works:

While we strongly encourage you to go through The Lab. Here are the different stages of a proposal:

  • Phase 0: spontaneous proposals from the community.
  • Phase 1: ideally, proposals at this stage are detailed Lab Reports sent to They will be reviewed and discussed internally by the core team. If the proposal is solid, the team will send back a template for a full investment or grant proposal to be made.
  • Phase 2: at this stage, complete investment proposals are put to the discussion on the forum and then voted on by the DAO.

-> DAO Vote

  • Phase 3: a proposal reaches ‘phase 3’ once it has successfully passed the DAO vote and the project begins its journey into BlackPool’s ecosystem.

Note that spontaneous ‘phase 0’ and ‘phase 1’ proposals will have to be presented in the Forum's Discussion category.

Introducing The Lab’s Incubator

It’s a great strategy to research promising, yield-generating games but being there at the genesis of it and contributing to its success can be even more rewarding, both ideologically and economically. We are thrilled and eager to help to build the play-to-earn industry. This is why we invite young projects, with great ideas and skills to come have a chat with us!

The level of involvement that the incubated project requires from BlackPool can vary depending on its needs and of course, depending on BlackPool’s community. While the initial steps can be mostly consultancy or audits with a small vested interest, larger investments such as significant token swaps or NFTs purchases will be submitted to a DAO vote. Ultimately, the decision to open a new Troop goes through the DAO governance.

Structure of the Lab Incubator

The Lab Incubator is structured as follows:

  • Tier 0 - Not public: it's the research phase where we make contact with the team, they present their project and we offer light consulting, feedback from managers, eventually start establishing a partnership.

Internal BlackPool Core team vote to move to tier 1.

  • Tier 1 - Public*: BlackPool actively spends time assisting the project: consultancy mostly with vested interest. Public partnership. Potential token swap and/or early investment (might be kept private).

DAO Governance vote to move to tier 2.

  • Tier 2 - Public*: BlackPool opens the corresponding Troop, buys and actively manages assets.

*For more info on what BlackPool offers and the requirement to move to the upper tier, please get in touch at

As with The Lab’s investment proposals, the community will receive the necessary information to vote with full knowledge of the facts, including detailed reports, live AMA sessions and access to the beta (if applicable).

The brand new UI for the lab is being finalised. Stay tuned and keep scouting!