Rewards, Reveals and Repairs


A big week of exciting revelations in the BlackPool universe this week as we unveil our top prizes for the BlackPool Cup and Cometh gives us a brand new tube as well as two new ships! Read on to find out more.

Starting off with our own grand reveal, we are pleased to present to you, the three awards for participants of the BlackPool x Sorare Data cup.

We begin with our medal of exceptional performance.

Affectionately named 'Albert's Shield' after the first primate to ever leave earths atmosphere, this limited edition medal is made from reformed Mandrillium and is awarded in recognition of outstanding effort on the pitch and unrelenting optimism in the face of crushing defeat. 25 of these NFT medals will be distributed to players who have demonstrated brilliant technique / achievements on the pitch.

You may not have won the Cup, but damn that's a nice saucer.

Next up, we present to you, this one of a kind NFT trophy which will be awarded for 2nd place.

Sculpted from black Bonobrium, this gorilla gestation cylinder serves as a constant reminder that you were so close to success yet had it snatched from you at the last minute. Let this be the last time that ever happens. Through Kong you will prosper. Please note, the appropriate gestation period for this ape is fifteen cycles. BlackPool cannot be held responsible for any mutations which may occur if said ape is left longer than this period.

And finally, we are pleased to present, the 'Pillar of Yorick', a unique trophy awarded to the overall champion.

An homage to the magnificent, all-seeing ape, this trophy rewards your vision and commitment throughout the first ever BlackPool cup. Let the faint radiation from this solid Chimpanzanite creation illuminate your home and forever alter your genetic makeup from its position atop your mantlepiece.

These trophies also hold the esteem of being the first ever BlackPool crafted NFTs awarded to the community for participation in an event so competition will be fierce. Stay tuned for the results of the competition in the coming weeks.

Moving on to Cometh, we begin by having a look at the latest events revealed by the Galactic Admins. After weeks of speculation, we can now confirm that the new Tube is now available!

Pilots are now able to redeem new ships directly on Polygon, as well as new items which will boost mining power and assist in upcoming tournaments!

Thrifty Pilots who have diligently staked MUST in the tube will be delighted to be able to redeem these useful items. The first of which is an awesome mining cooler which enables a -120 second faster cooldown, meaning your favourite ship is ready to mine again in the blink of an eye!

As if that wasn't enough, the Galactic Admins also unveiled three new ships this week from the Asterion and Al'Ong collections. The two mythics from this selection would make excellent additions to the BlackPool fleet so we intend to pursue these over the coming days.

This week our Pilots have demonstrated exceptional skill at the double mining. not only were the comets caught, they were mined more than once, bringing the total amount of comets mined to 380!

Captain Oooppssii once again impressed the Admirals by mining 84 comets this week, but special commendations go out this week to the entire fleet, whose persistence and commitment managed to improve the fleets ratio from 6.9 to the incredible 6.1.

Great job Fleet. We salute you.

Aside from the exhilarating BlackPool cup announcements, the Sorare pitch was unusually quiet this week. Both Game Weeks had very few fixtures and this was felt by everyone with the reduced 'Dynamic' prize pools. This is demonstrated further in the following data, where even a 4th place finish was not enough to yield a prize in some cases.

Despite this, our managers picked up a respectable 8+ ETH of prizes whilst again balancing the books with trades and sales in order to finance their latest targets at auction.

In other news, a new 'Whale' has spent over 100 ETH since joining over the last 8 days (including 22 Uniques) showing the huge potential upside of this card scarcity when just a handful of new users join the game with similar wealth to deploy.

Additionally, a 24 ETH sale in the secondary market of a prime Unique (Marquinhos - PSG) helped support this belief further and validate our long awaited AUM adjustment.

When we left our Managers last week, things were really gearing up over in the Axie quadrant. With breeding programmes well under way and Scholar recruitment at an all time high, it really seems as if things are expanding exponentially over there.

The information we have received this week confirms this as we understand the Axie Discord for BlackPool scholars is now literally overflowing! There is a 100k member limit for our discord server and we successfully reached that limit last week.

As well as this, we now have over 213 Scholars under management and there are talks underway for investors to get involved with BlackPool by donating even more Axies to the cause, allowing us to pilot them and establish yield.

Our managers have spent some time this week addressing bugs which have been hindering process and have had great results so far. Ronin wallets have been updated, interface and prompts have been changed, and we have managed to update our data collection system meaning more in depth analytics moving forwards.

Good luck for the week of gaming ahead Apes. May your gameplay be pleasant and your yield bountiful.