BlackPool Sponsors Gods Unchained Esports Team

We are excited to announce BlackPool’s first esports partnership with the up-and-coming TeamFr for Gods Unchained. Last month, BlackPool DAO unanimously voted to introduce the Gods Unchained troop to the BlackPool Academy. We are now ready to kick-start our foray into the game with esports team TeamFR who will be playing under the BlackPool flag.

TeamFr is a French Gods Unchained guild with 6 players as of now. They have been playing in their current formation for over a year and are passionate about growing the French community in Gods Unchained and the wider NFT trading card space. Their games are currently streamed on their fast growing Discord server.

Our partnership will jump off with a joint tournament taking place between 12 -19 March. BlackPool will sponsor the tournament with a bag of prizes. We are currently finalising all tournament agreements and intend to stream the final on 19 March on their Twitch channel and ours.

Gods Unchained is a Blockchain trading card game developed by Immutable, an Australian team behind the layer 2 NFT platform Immutable X and forthcoming game Guild of Guardians.

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