immortalImmortal: BlackPool officially enters the game

We are proud to announce that Blackpool has invested $250k in Immortal, an on-chain chess game with beautifully designed NFT pieces.

BlackPoolSep 22nd 22 - 1 min read
chibi clashBlackPool x Chibi Clash: A PvP Bonanza

We're proud to announce a partnership with one of the best upcoming anime inspired auto-battler titles in the ecosystem - Chibi Clash! Mount up!

BlackPoolMay 31st 22 - 4 min read
influenceInfluence: BlackPool Apes Take to Space

The time has come to take to space - we're proud to announce the partnership with Influence - one of the most anticipated galaxy-faring MMOs!

BlackPoolMay 27th 22 - 5 min read
guild of guardiansBlackPool Apes Meet the Guild of Guardians

BlackPool is proud to announce the partnership with Guild of Guardians and share our own experience with the pre-alpha!

BlackPoolMay 16th 22 - 3 min read
my crypto heroesBlackPool Teams Up with the Future Gaming Pioneer - MyCryptoHeroes!

BlackPool partners up with MyCryptoHeroes, a piece of both P2E’s history and future!

S.A.M.May 5th 22 - 2 min read
everaiEverai x BlackPool: More Than an NFT Collection

BlackPool loves mechas and for that reason, we're proud to welcome Everai into the fold. With amazing design and an incredible roadmap, Everai is here...

BlackPoolApr 11th 22 - 3 min read
PartnershipsWhen Mechas Soar - BlackPool x BattleFly

BlackPool is proud to announce the partnership with BattleFly, the upcoming TreasureDAO metaverse fighting mechas!

BlackPoolMar 29th 22 - 2 min read
PartnershipsCyBall - The BlackPool Universe Expands

BlackPool is excited by the prospect of the stellar launch of CyBall alongside the release of Mentoring and invites you to join our Guild!

BlackPoolMar 23rd 22 - 2 min read
PartnershipsBlackPool Joins the Move-to-Earn Movement with Genopets!

Genopets is one of those upcoming games that seems captivating from the get-go. Inspired by the wearable of the days of yore Tamagotchi, the collect...

BlackPoolMar 18th 22 - 2 min read
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