BlackPool enters the Metaverse!

BlackPool is ever growing, sometimes in broad daylight, sometimes stalking the dark alleys of degenville, looking for a sweet deal to grow our ranks. Today, we want to unveil one such deal as BlackPool has entered the OVR metaverse. A small step for an ape, a giant leap for Apekind as we reveal the acquisition of one very special land indeed, the most-visited monument in the world: the Eiffel Tower.

BlackPool × OVR

We have decided to rocket launch our metaverse presence with OVR, a decentralised platform for geolocalised Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) experiences with colossal ambitions. Their vision is to merge the physical and virtual worlds through AR, allowing users to build, host, and visualise AR/VR experiences that are customised to specific geographic locations. To do so, OVR has literally divided the digital world into 1.6 trillion 300 m3 hexagons called OVRLands, each of them representing an actual physical geographic location, where your imagination is the only limit. This entire parallel world is powered by the Ethereum with each OVRLand being an ERC-721 NFT for which the owner can assign an AR/VR experience.

We at BlackPool, must and will stand by such visionary project with a true degen soul and unwavering ambition. We shall now join them in their quest and build the most exciting experiences at the Eiffel Tower, showcasing BlackPool’s ambitions and vision and generating value to The Troop. Join us and imagine a future where utilising BPT enables you to experience unique digital and physical events atop or adjacent to the Eiffel Tower! Be there on the day when you will be able to sky dive off the top of the tower, slackline over Paris or attend the most degen party at the Champs de Mars… and much more as we can create infinite types of interaction logic within the OVR metaverse.

Our collective imagination is the only true limit, so let us push back its boundaries together with OVR.

This land only marks the beginning of our collaboration with OVR with more to come, so stay tuned.

Next, we will share an AMA session on Friday, 6th of August at 6 pm CET on BlackPool's discord. Meanwhile, you can read more about OVR here, join their telegram group or check out their YouTube channel.

BlackPool would like to thank Camembert for his implication securing the Eiffel Tower.

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