OVR & BlackPool join forces for a high-stakes treasure hunt!

Let the Hunt begin! Your journey to win a place at our highly acclaimed Brunchpool begins here.


As you may know, the BrunchPool (co-hosted by OVR and Centrifuge) will take place on the 22nd of October at 11h30 following the Liscon conference and this time, we want to complete our table with degens such as yourselves! We decided to complete our madlad guestlist with an additional 7 spots to be won by anyone during a city-wide augmented-reality scavenger hunt! To do so, we at BlackPool are delighted to be joined by our friends and partners from OVR!

How to play

To enter the game, you will first have to find a QR code to scan, thus marking the beginning of your hunt! You will then be given a detailed set of rules, instructions and… riddles. Use your brain and get to work gathering BlackPool’s 7 ARtefacts before potentially joining us at a feast for the ages! The hunt will last for 36h covering the whole conference, from October 20th, 9 am, to October 21th, 9pm.

But fear not you who will be gone before the BrunchPool, for many NFTs will be distributed! Partners have joined the experience with a second hunt running in parallel to BlackPool treasure hunt. Over the same period of time, gather as many ARtefacts as you can from projects such as Arianee & Satoshi Studio, Ethernaal, Arke, Cometh or LisCon, etc., scattered across Lisbon and compete for a wide range of valuable NFTs and prizes! Some will be earned with sweat, some will be earned with luck, all will be memorable.

Good luck and happy hunting!