Non Fungible Auction - LisCon edition

Following the success of the first edition in Paris for EthCC last July, BlackPool wrapped up the LisCon week in style on Friday evening, with another IRL NFT auction organised with amazing partners.


Following the success of the first edition in Paris for EthCC last July, BlackPool wrapped up the LisCon week in style on Friday evening, with another IRL NFT auction organised with amazing partners: Centrifuge, Cometh, SolidNFT, Arke, .arianee x Satoshi Studio, and StakeDAO, and our auctioneer from ORWL Laywers.

And what an auction that was, my friends! We exceeded all expectations for our chosen charities, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Within an hour and a half we raised a total amount of 45.35 ETH from all the NFTs sales, resulting in a net 36.15 ETH (~$145,000 at the time of the event) for the charities. Let’s break down what happened during this auction of record breaking proportions!

BlackPool - “Alice” BlackPool Posters 1/1. Sold for 2 ETH

We kicked off the auction with BlackPool’s first item from the BlackPool Posters series. It’s a unique commemorative artwork by octOpus, an established comic book artist and the first to be incubated by BlackPool.
100% of the proceeds alongside a subsequent 10% royalties will go to Community Projects initiated by our BlackPool Academy Scholars, starting with The Gaming Community Feeding Programme by Rolando and Angelica, and the Education Programme lead by Joy and Faith. Go check their stories on our blog, here, here and here.

BlackPool x Sorare - “Cristiano Ronaldo” Rare 21/100. Sold for 2.6 ETH

YNWA, one of BlackPool's Troop Managers and top Sorare player in the world, eloquently presented a Rare Cristiano Ronaldo, the best Portuguese player, and carried the sale up to 2.6 ETH. All of it will also go to BlackPool Academy Scholars Community Projects.

Centrifuge - “1 CFG“. Sold for 0.55 ETH

100% of the proceeds go to Token Engineering Commons, a project focused around the design of sustainable and ethical token systems.

Cometh - “The France”, Rare 4/7. Sold for 6.5 ETH

Cometh auctioned a rare beauty in the form of an Eiffel Tower-shaped spaceship. The ship has significant utility in the game, boosting the owner’s APY while waiting for the V2.
75% of the proceeds are going to The Pond, a project with a cause beautifully explained by Daniele, the founder:‌

SolidNFT - “The Cryptonimals” 1/900. Sold for 2.6 ETH

SolidNFT and Cryptonimals coming together to protect marine wildlife worldwide with Sea Shepherd. Not only the NFT but the gorgeous physical version made by SolidNFT were auctioned. 50% of the proceeds go to ther NGO Sea Shepherd.

ARKE - “The price of serenity“ 1/1. Sold for 1.6 ETH

ARKE has chosen Action Enfance, a charity that resonates with him and his experience in the crypto world, to receive 100% of the proceeds from the auction of a gorgeous 3D sculpture, designed for the occasion. Arke has also forfeited any subsequent royalty for “The price of serenity”.

.arianee x Satoshi Studio x Rekt Sold for 9.5 ETH

.arianee x Satoshi Studio x StakeDAO Sold for 8 ETH

Our friends at .arianee partnered with Satoshi Studio to produce unique pairs of sneakers designed in collaboration with  Rekt and StakeDAO. Ultimate swag. Respectively sold for 9.5 ETH and 8 ETH, 100% of the profits go to Kalaweit, a French charity organisation, fighting for the preservation of biodiversity in Indonesia since 1988, in particular saving Gibbons (🦧🖤).

StakeDAO - “Pythia” 67/100 common. Sold for 12 ETH

Last but not least, StakeDAO concluded the event by auctioning one of the famous Pythia, an NFT that supercharges the StakeDAO experience.
 50% of the proceeds go to Surge, a charity organisation taking care of providing safe water to people around the world.

We were thrilled  by the support and the success of the night and are looking forward to the next Non Fungible Auction! If you’re an NFT project and wish to support a charity organisation, get in touch with us!