BlackPool Newsletter #6

Today's edition brings you the CyBall launch, Aapegotchi's on the lookout for data analysts, Comethians looking for pilots, Sorare blowing up, and more!


This week's issue of the BlackPool Newsletter brings you news of the CyBall launch (BP is looking for players, so check it out!), Aapegotchis are looking for data analysts to build superior tooling for the Guild, the Cometh battle update is out and gamers are scrambling to adjust, rumors spread of the Axies Origin launch and more announcements are coming from the depths of the Lab.

Let's dig in!

As the release of the Gotchiverse nears, busy Gotchis are preparing themselves for the big day! At BlackPool, we’re building some tools and talking with our Allied Guilds as well as the GotchiVault to offer our members the best possible experience in the Gotchiverse. If you’re looking to rent your Gotchis to BlackPool players, get in touch with Hazelstar in the Guild’s Lodge on Discord!

  • BlackPool’s Aapegotchis are looking for a Data Analyst and web3 magician to help building super tools for the Gotchi Gang community! If you’re passionate about Aavegotchi and play-and-earn in general, and are not afraid of smart contracts, Get in touch with Hazelstar!
  • The Aavegotchi Community is amazing! Here’s a cool video introducing the Gotchiverse from our allies and best frens at TheGotchiFArmy, hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for a mini series dedicated to our players!
  • CyBall just launched this Tuesday 22/2/22 at 2.22 PM UTC to great effect, fully aligned with the cosmic implications of this date and time.
  • The signup process for starting to play CyBall has been launched on their website and you can follow it via this link. The team prepared thorough documentation on the signup, download and reward details which you can find comfily nested within their Medium.
  • BlackPool is extremely excited about the launch of the game and is looking for passionate gamers and football fans to manage this exciting metaverse game we're so bullish on!

    Would you become a CyBall Scholar, have a desire to run a CyBall team or see yourself as a potential Vertical Manager or Assistant? Reach out to us via Discord and let's play!
  • In Sorare news this week, the race is hotting up for the IP rights to the English Premier League, as Sorare are reported to be in the final 4 companies for the license consideration.
  • The platform hits new records for tournament entries as new seasons begin in Asia and the Americas.
  • Prices for Limited and Rare cards continue to rise due to the increased demand for cards and the recent drop in ETH/FIAT.

The new Cometh Battle Update dropped last Thursday and surprised a lot of players - with all the new cards added, it’s even more difficult to pick a strategy and requires a few battles to re-adjust. While a few battles might still be a bit lengthy, we’ve seen a lot of very short ones too... 👀 And you, Space Ape, what’s your favourite strategy?

Admiral Hazelstar keeps training her new space recruits for the upcoming Tournament, more details on this soon. If you want to join BlackPool’s guild on Cometh and train in battle with us: This is the Way!

As you might know already, we’re big fans of the new design choices made by Cometh, be it game modes and gameplay or art direction, so we were excited about the last AMA with Cometh’s Artistic Director, Thomas, who presented a few characters as well as the process behind it all. We’ll leave you with another great Cometh tune, Nebula.

  • Another week has flown by and rumours spread of Origin launch - what will it look like and will the older Axies become viable again?
  • The Lunar New Year event finished this Sunday, with 135k Axies burnt out of over 12 million. This is not as bad as it sounds, as the burning event is merely a proving event.
  • On BlackPool's side, we've onboarded another 80 Scholars, amounting to 1103 players currently playing under our banner. There are still over 7000 Scholars awaiting processing to start playing with us!
  • We're currently working on upgrading Scholar accounts and continuing to farm RON and stake AXS.
  • As always, there's so much brewing in the Lab these days! The Scouts met on Discord this Monday to discuss Synergy Land, developed on Solana. So far, the general feeling is there is still more information to wait for before aping in, especially with the upcoming in-game tokenomics. The team will continue their research to see how the project evolves.
  • BlackPool’s Gods Unchained troop has reached a new milestone! Be on the look out for the!
  • The Lab has been busy meeting with quite a lot of projects this week and we expect new investments to arise in the next few weeks.

For more ecosystem news, don't forget to hit up the latest edition of the BP Bulletin, written by our resident digger in charge, Erwan!