Non Fungible Auction - ETHCC 2022 edition

Paris will always be ours! With the help of amazing partners and friends: Oct0pus, John Karp and the Mariupol artists, SolidNFT Cometh, 20 Mint, Immortal Game, FanLive Cards, Stake Dao, BlackPool, we raised 57.75 ETH (≃€90,000 at the time of the event) for charities.

Here is the breakdown for you, fellow apes 🐒

Non Fungible Conference x Solid NFT - Mariupol

Total : 16.4 ETH (≃€25,000)

A novelty this year with Mariupol, an NFT collaboration between 38 artists as a homage to the war in Ukraine, inspired by Picasso's masterpiece, Guernica.

6 pieces of the collaboration were sold during the Auction, bringing in 16.4 ETH (≃€25,000) for the association Voice of Children which brings psychological support to child victims of war.  

John Karp, at the project's origin, joined forces with Solid NFT to offer buyers a high-quality reproduction of the NFT artwork they bought.


Oct0pus - Marianne & Jeanne  

Sold for 1.69 ETH (≃€2,600)

The well-known and talented artist Oct0pus sold two unique pieces in commemoration of Paris and France, especially created  for the Non Fungible Auction. The proceeds went to RadicalxChange (RxC).

Cometh - Le France  

Sold for 8 ETH (≃€12,300)

The spatial blockchain game auctioned a rare ship that takes inspiration from a famous french monument (Can you guess which one?) The proceeds of the sale went to Le Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace (MAE), the oldest french aeronautical museum in France.

20 Mint - Typewriter #20

Sold for 2.5 ETH (≃€3,800)

20 Mint is the first french free magazine funded by 999 NFTs. More than 800,000 copies of the first edition were distributed in the streets of Paris. Web3 and democratisation rhythm with 20 Mint!

A unique and special typewriter NFT was sold during the auction with mysteries and secrets coming along with it...

The proceeds of the sale went to the e-enfance association, a leading charity for 15 years in the protection of children on the internet and education in digital citizenship.

Immortal Game - Marble King Piece of Art

Sold for 6.66 ETH (≃€10,200)

The leading blockchain game, Immortal Game enhances chess rules, but also enhanced the auction!

The french project sold a Marble King Piece of Art (1/10) with the following quest associated: "Win in less than 40 moves"

The proceeds went to ChessBase India, the biggest chess news portal, fastest growing Indian chess channel on YouTube and Chess software distributor in the country.

Fan Live - Marc Lièvremont "Vintage" Card

Sold for 4.5 ETH (≃€7,000)

The fantasy rugby game auctioned its first "Vintage" unique card featuring Marc Lièvremont, an internationally acclaimed rugby player and coach.

The lucky buyer won a Solid NFT print of the card and an exclusive dinner with Alain Roche, CEO of FanLive and former French National Team, Bordeaux and PSG player.

The proceeds went to l'étoile de Martin which supports research into childhood cancers and offers moments of well-being to young patients.

Stake Dao - Rare Pythia

Sold for 5 ETH (≃€7,725)

Stake Dao auctioned one of the famous rare Pythia, an NFT that boosts the StakeDao experience and grants its lucky holder extra rewards based on their position in Stake Dao v2 strategies! And more to come 👀

The proceeds went to Gribouilli, the 1st professional association of childminders in Ile de France, whose aim is to professionalise and enhance the value of the early childhood professions.

BlackPool - Unique Troop Cards

Sold for 13 ETH (≃€20,000)

Last but not least the troop card! Our dear YNWA mastered the art of the crowd and the bidding was unstoppable. To thank and please the crowd, the auctioned card was upgraded from a rare one to the unique one!

Can you guess the player the card is inspired by?

You don't know what a Troop Card is anon? Anon pls...

Not this, Anon, not today, not now, not after all you've done.

Here is the article for you .. but it's the last time Anon.  

The proceeds went to RadicalxChange (RxC) is a global movement for next-generation political economies

And that's a wrap for this edition of the Non-Fungible Auction! 13 NFTs and more than €90,000 / 57.75 ETH for the charities. What a day!

The full video of the event can be found down below 👇

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