BlackPool Bulletin #44

This week on the bulletin; USDC gets rekt by its tradfi affiliation, Yuga auctioned its Ordinal NFTs to the public, we’re still pondering if ETH stakers become dumpooors after the Shanghai upgrade and Animoca decides that metaverse pro’s still need IRL coffees.

Dive in head first apes!

  1. Let's talk about Yuga Labs Ordinals collection.
  2. Once the Shanghai upgrade is completed, will validators dump or hold?
  3. Still lost about the SBV situation?
  4. How to find the real value of your NFT.
  5. Money printer going brrr again? Fed edition.
  6. Never panic sell, or consequences.
  7. A Cryptopunks for gETH? Yessir.
  8. New Animoca Brand project, with Planet Holywood.

1. Yuga Labs announced the release of TwelveFold, a limited collection of 300 generative pieces inscribed as Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain. How can you  get one? You can’t, they have already been snapped with with the highest bid being a little over 7 ETH.

2. Once the Shanghai upgrade is completed, will validators dumpooor their ETH? A question that keeps the people going. A thread by Salazar.eth.

3. Are you still scratching your head on what happened to Sillicon Valley Bank and forced you to panick sell your USDC?
A large portion of their deposits were kept in long bonds (10yrs). Depositors started asking for their monies back. The bank had to sell some of those bonds at a loss to pay back those depositors. This triggered more depositors to take out their monies. The start of a bank run.

4. Are you tired of selling at floor price? Here are some tips on how to find out the real value of your NFT.

What is NFT rarity, and how to calculate it?
A nonfungible token’s uniqueness or scarcity, which affects its market value and desirability, is referred to as NFT rarity.

5. Money printer going brrr again? The Fed announced a new emergency loan program to prevent contagion from the SVB fallout.

The program will offer loans of up to a year to borrowers that pledge collateral. SVB has been the biggest collapse since 2008.

6. A curve user panic sold 2 million USDC and received only 0.05 USDT, indeed 5 cents, because he forgot to set the slippage.

7. A Cryptopunk sold for 500K (Goerli) ETH. In case Goerli doesn’t mean anything to you, it is testnet ETH, to run well…tests on the Ethereum network, but it can apparently also get you a Cryptopunk.

8. Animoca brands announces the launch of Club 3 with Planet Hollywood, a private members club and a physical meeting place for the web3, NFT and open metaverse industries. The metaverse is great, but nothing beats an IRL tête-à-tête, am I right anon?

That's all folks!

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