BlackPool Bulletin #42

It is incredible to see how fast things are growing these past weeks. The NFT-Fi narrative is bullish, the wallet abstraction is moving at light speed… The next bullrun technologies are already here. Builders are building harder than ever, so there is no time to rest, and even less to fud.

The blockchain gaming is getting ready for mass adoption, NFT events are bigger every months. Everything is getting more unpredictable, because people are innovating so fast that a meta can be totally different in just a few weeks. A few more months of cleaning, and only the best will be left for the next ride.

  1. What is NFT-Fi?
  2. Spotify is trying web3 wallet integration.
  3. Who are the Markets Makers?
  4. Whale sells 1,010 NFTs in 48 hours.
  5. 3 Best APY on Curve War.
  6. Account Abstraction 101.
  7. What’s your Lens score?
  8. NFT Paris was massive.

  1. What is NFT-Fi? How it can be the next innovation of DeFi ?
  • Infrastructure is providing : from degens to collectors.
  • NFT is becoming a valuable technology, where do we go from here?
  • NFT-Fi seems to be the main narrative of 2023. But how, when, where? Here is two threads to deep dive into the subject.

2. Spotify is trying web3 wallet integration.

  • It is a first mainstream opportunity for artists and content creators to create private/community content (with music/podcast/etc)…
  • The beginning of mass token gated content?
  • The membership narrative is growing fast, music community is the first to crash test the technology?

3. Who are the Markets Makers and what are their strategies.

  • How do they represent an essential piece for project success?
  • Fake volume / providing liquidity / develop strategies for token price… How does it work?
  • Far from complot theory, it’s good to understand macro manipulations before anything else.

4. Whale sells 1,010 NFTs in 48 hours in largest NFT dump ever.

  • Two Options: massive market manipulation (all floors have decreased since this dump) or play to reap extra BLUR token rewards while also booking some profits? Time will tell.
  • Machi had earn more than $1.3M with the first season Blur Drop. How much for the next one?

5. Best APY on Curve War are 0xConcentrator build on the top of Stake Dao, Convex and Frax.

  • But why these 3 protocols?
  • Explanation about all strategies to boost CRV.
  • New step into the curve war.

6. Account Abstraction 101: Why? How? What?

  • Why the no-wallet experience should be the next big thing?
  • Wallet management and creation is the biggest stop for mass adoption. Is wallet abstraction the answer?
Account Abstraction 101: Why, How, What?
Account Abstraction is the UX and security breakthrough needed for self-custodial crypto wallets to scale the masses. Learn more here.

7. What’s your Lens score?

  • It could be a good indicator for $LENS, but nothing has been confirmed about this potential airdrop.
  • Don’t fall for the fomo with highly priced lens profiles as they will be free to claim when the protocol goes live.

8. NFT Paris was massive : 2 days of building, networking, meeting the investors…

  • Are these events growing too fast?
  • It was an AAA event with two days of panels, workshop and thousands of visitors coming from all over the world.

That’s all folks, see you next week!

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