BlackPool Bulletin #41

The Blur airdrop held twitter in its grip the past week. After months of introspective threads on maintaining the health of the ecosystem, the free money tweets are back to dominating the timelines. Once euphoria dims, the post airdrop hangover might be hard.

On the other hand, we are seeing some positive trends. The NFTFi narrative is growing, and it will push other players to build new innovations to attract the next mass of users.

  1. Blur = Data Honeypot?
  2. NBA unveiled a mind-blowing new streaming experience.
  3. An introduction to Game Theory.
  4. What is the NFTFi narrative, and why you should understand it.
  5. The Great Royalty War: For whom the bell tolls?
  6. Tokenomics analysis 101.
  7. What happened in the NFT space in 2022?
  8. Sony’s NFT rental patent just got officially published.
  9. Why The Beacon is made for gamers.
  10. Cross The Ages broke another record with their first NFT collection sales.

  1. Someone decided to take a closer look at Blur’s privacy policy and found some interesting things.
  • Does a marketplace need your job history, your consuming behaviours or aptitudes? We’re not sure…

2. NBA unveiled their new streaming experience.

  • Users will be able to scan themselves and be integrated into the games.
  • All of this happens in-app, nothing needed except a friend to scan you.
  • Can we pause a minute for this next level immersive experience? It’s only the beginning, but surely something we will see more and more of in the coming months/years.
  • The tech is easy and brilliant.

3. Game Theory might be one of the most important concepts you have to understand in order to get better at investing.

  • It is basically an understanding of players’ strategies when players’ actions can change the outcome of a situation. Reminds you of something?
  • In a highly volatile market like the crypto market, understanding human behaviours is more important than you may think.

4. Once the post airdrop hangover kicks in what are we left with?

  • The NFTFi narrative is growing, and might be one of the top players of the next bull run.
  • DYOR is absolutely necessary as always, and it starts by identifying new products. Who will survive in this merciless space? Don’t bet, investigate.

5. The Royalties War is still ongoing between OpenSea and Blur

  • Trading volumes are decreasing and the lack of consistent projects and liquidity are forcing the market places to be creative and to attract users. Giants like Amazon thinking about entering the space, will mark the end of an amateur area.

6. How can you strengthen your knowledge about tokenomics?

  • A four-part framework to analyse tokens might be helpful:
  1. Reasons to exist
  2. Reasons to hold
  3. Supply dynamics
  4. Value accrual

(And more, don’t worry it’s only the beginning)

7. Find all the important information on NFTs in 2023:

  • The market summary
  • Micro trends
  • Top sellers
  • Analysis of the most prestigious collections
  • The prospects and their development
  • Analysis of the wallets belonging to NFT whales

8. Sony’s NFT rental patent just got officially published.

  • What does this mean? What’s new?
  • It is still under examination, so it will possibly change (a lot).
  • Digital collectibles will probably soon be NFTs, as most of the people in the web3 ecosystem guessed.
  • New business models being created with mass implementation of this tech.

9. Speedrun is the quintessence of gaming: bending the rules to create new challenges within a game.

  • After seeing people finishing Elden Ring with a guitar, a dance mat or a flute, nothing surprises us anymore.
  • The Beacon seems to be made for speedrunning. How will you play the game? No Damage? Full clean? Chill? There is no wrong way of playing it.
  • Could speedrunning become a thing in Blockchain Gaming?

10. Cross The Ages broke another record with their first NFT collection sales.

  • $750K sales in less than 24 hours on the Immutable marketplace. Accessibility, high-end graphics and portability might be the future?
  • Blockchain is reshaping what makes a success of games, and the size of the teams behind big success. Even if these numbers are already big, imagine in 5 years?

And that’s all folks!

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