BlackPool Bulletin #36

Yuga Labs starting the year with a mint announcement is kind of a game breaker on the NFT side, and Illuvium nominated for 7 categories at Gam3rs’ Choice Awards… From two calm weeks to a burning drift into 2023, this weekend’s green candle has kickstarted a good entry into the business.

Are you ready for the rollercoaster, Apes?

  1. A news Yuga Labs mint announced! Another incoming gas war?
  2. Tiny Colony moving from Solana to ETH, with IMX.
  3. Intern notes on the Dephi Digital 2023 year.
  4. Wallet Tracking 101.
  5. Prediction Consensus: the 2023 forecast.
  6. Both NFT aggregators acquired.
  7. A little Illuvium video to start the week, sir?
  8. Illuvium nominated in 7 categories at Gam3rs’ Choice Awards.
  9. What’s going on this week at The Sandbox?

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club’s founders Yugalabs announced their upcoming mint. Discover how to participate!

2. Another good game coming to IMX!

3. What is coming for 2023 for Delphi Digital?

4. Wallet tracking is a powerful tool, but how to do it?

5. Prediction Consensus: the 2023 forecast.

Prediction Consensus: What The Experts See Coming In 2023
Let’s gaze into the crystal ball...

6. This is what happen when one of the aggregators is bought by one of the main marketplaces.

7. A little Illuvium sneak peak?

8. Talking about Illuvium, they are nominated in 7 categories for the Gam3r’s Choice Awards.

9. The Sandbox weekly report, but in a thread.

And that's all for this week, folks!

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