BlackPool Bulletin #30

We can all feel the bear market. Even maximalists are starting to doubt. But on the other side, we see massive investments & acquisitions almost everyday. Does it mean crypto will survive? Definitely, but the next bull market will be different.

How? We will see. This week: some massive acquisitions by Animoca Brands, Uniswap releases their NFT aggregator, Opensea integrates a new chain, Sorare continues building, and some tweets about the economy to top it all off. Grab your coffee, it’s time to learn!

  1. Animoca buying everyone.
  2. But why is Animoca buying everyone?
  3. Finally a good NFT aggregator with Uniswap.
  4. A must read about utility NFTs.
  5. A thread about RTFK new drop.
  6. OpenSea integrating BNB chain.
  7. Arbitrum cheat sheet for newcomers.
  8. Why we might run to another economy crash.
  9. Let’s talk about EU metaverse gala (even if they hope we don’t).
  10. Sorare integrating prices history.
  11. Sorare happy to show Mbappe (and we are too).
  12. A report about Blockchain Gaming investments.
  13. How to keep you funds safe after FTX.

  1. Animoca heavily growing. Bear market is for building (and acquisitions), right?

2. But for what are they spending so much? What is the masterplan?

3. Uniswap coming to NFT is a big news. One of the best aggregator on the market?

4. We mostly know art NFTs, but what about utility NFTs? A must read.

The Next Wave of NFTs Is Utility NFTs
It’s a tough period for crypto and NFTs. For NFTs to ascend into the mainstream, the focus must be on utility. Read more.

5. RTFKT and a new drop. We feel like saying that every week, please sleep guys.

6. OpenSea integrating BNBChain. Any thoughts on that?

7. Arbitrum community building hard. A cheat sheet for the newcomers.

8. Another economy crash? You must be kidding. Unless…

9. E.U. big “success” with their metaverse and their… five attendees. €387K well invested.

10. Another good adition to Sorare!

11. The goat strikes again, and Sorare is happy.

12. In case you thought Blockchain Gaming was still a niche.

New Report: Blockchain Gaming Sector Sees $500,000,000+ Investment Between October and November in 2022 Alone
The blockchain gaming sector has received investments of $534m between October and November, and gaming continues to account for almost half of all blockchain activity.

13. How to keep you funds safe after FTX collapse?

How to keep your cryptocurrency safe after the FTX collapse
Popular methods for safeguarding crypto include using DEX, self-custody wallets and conducting extensive research on seemingly investible projects.

That's all folks, see you next week!

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