BlackPool Bulletin #29

After all the FTX mess, it is hard to go back to the usual bear market. No big scams or incredible news this week, but it’s still time to learn new tricks: how to avoid ConsenSys collecting your IP, new blue-chips floor prices and why is Apecoin pumping?

Enjoy the ride, folks!

  1. ATH down to the floor.
  2. Shrapnel new environment teaser.
  3. Hot Wheels NFT… On a burner wallet? badum tss
  4. Another FTX Scam.
  5. Metamask and private policy.
  6. Apecoin pumping back from the dead.
  7. Why does most of web3 gaming suck?
  8. Finally: shopping for luxury with crypto currencies.
  9. Web3 solving Web2 problems.

  1. ATH down to the floor. Time to buy? Or time to cut your losses?

2. We would definitely spend a few holidays here, wouldn't you? Can’t wait to see this environment in game.

3. Hard not to get hyped by Hot Wheels NFT, but let’s wait for some use cases before opening the wallet.

4. FTX, the never-ending scam story.

5. Hard to miss that Metamask changed their policy. Even though all nodes track IPs, better to know how to avoid, when a company is at the mercy of private USA funds.

6. Is $Apecoin back? Or is it just pumping & dumping?

7. Why do web3 games suck? Short problem, long story.

Web3 Gaming Sucks: The Struggle With User Experience
For years, playing video games was relatively simple. You turned on your computer or console, booted up your game of choice, loaded a previous save (or jumped straight into online play),

8. It was just a matter of time before luxury brands started accepting crypto-currencies. Do they finally understand their web3 target customers?

Designer Fashion Brands Accepting Crypto Payment
Crypto has finally made its way into the fashion industry, with e-commerce sites accepting cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method. While there are over 400 other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum have gained popularity and are frequently accepted for things that were previously exclusi…

9. Let's not forget that initially Web3 was not a bozo-degen space, but a tech-solution.

How Web3 resolves fundamental problems in Web2
Web3 is the next-era internet based on decentralized architecture and some innovative concepts. Find how Web3 resolves fundamental problems in Web2.

That's all folks, see you next week!

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