BlackPool Bulletin #28

Apple Store games making millions, a BAYC sold for $115, a CS:GO skin listed for $455k... The market is sweetly volatile and chaotic. Might be worth losing yourself in a Netflix documentary for a couple of weeks if that scares you, it doesn't look like it's getting better any time soon...

PS: No gifs for this week, Tenor is having a security issue with browser wallets.

  1. Anime game makes $60M in 30 days.
  2. Sorare wins: they won't be qualified as gambling in France.
  3. Preparing new-year eve on Another World.
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo launching his NFT collection on Binance.
  5. Play the Piquรฉ's private league on Sorare!
  6. Black Friday: get a BAYC for $115.
  7. Sony coming into web3.
  8. A CS:GO skin more valuable than floor BAYC?
  9. Want to undestand a bit more about the FTX situation?
  10. Vitalik already has the answer about CEX trust issues.
  11. MVP x Time Breacher!

  1. Even if Anime industry is still one of the strongest, how can such a game make so much money in one month?

2. Repeat after us: Sorare is not gambling. You can ask the French government!

3. Still delivering a flawless experience on browser.

4. Cristiano with Binance, Cristiano playing chess... When Cristiano and Immortal?

5. Join the Piquรฉ Sorare private league for the GlobalCup22.

6. Nice discount bro.

7. After Square Enix, Sony's turn to come into web3?

8. "NFTs bring speculation in digital assets."

9. The most beautiful daisy chain about the ongoing crypto fest.

10. Solving trust issues with CEX? Vitalik already got the solution.

11. Our friends MVP stress-tested our friends' game: Time Breacher.

Bonus: Vitalik's article

Having a safe CEX: proof of solvency and beyond

That's all folks, see you next week!

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