bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #37

Not a lot is happening in the blockchain gaming universe this week. But the paradoxical mood of this bear market is still omnipresent: you can see, si...

Artha & NarcisseJan 23rd 23 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #36

Yuga Labs starting the year with a mint announcement is kind of a game breaker on the NFT side, and Illuvium nominated for 7 categories at Gam3rs’ Cho...

Artha & NarcisseJan 16th 23 - 3 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #35

We are quietly heading into 2023. No drama this week, two massive blockchain games coming to mobile phones… How will the industry react to this step? ...

Artha & NarcisseJan 9th 23 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackpool Bulletin #34

New year, new us? Not really. Just changing a number on the calendar won’t do alchemy tricks on the market and its actors. But the future of blockchai...

Artha & NarcisseJan 2nd 23 - 3 min read
newsBlackPool Bulletin #33

NFT Gaming growing (almost) silently with big game changers: Yuga Labs new CEO from Activision, Square Enix investing more and more into future NFT Ga...

Artha & NarcisseDec 26th 22 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #32

SBF getting arrested, Illuvium opening their gates for 30 000 people, Axie partnering with Cloud9, Trump minting his own rare NFT, Metamask partnering...

Artha & NarcisseDec 19th 22 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #31

A free mint during the Super Bowl, the Ledger Op3n setting new standards and revealing the Stax, Illuvium launching the new test phase, The Beacon run...

Artha & NarcisseDec 12th 22 - 3 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #30

This week: some massive acquisitions by Animoca Brands, Uniswap release their NFT aggregator, Opensea integrates a new chain, Sorare continues buildin...

Artha & NarcisseDec 5th 22 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #29

After all the FTX mess, it is hard to go back to the usual bear market. No big scams or incredible news this week, but it’s still time to learn new tr...

Artha & NarcisseNov 28th 22 - 3 min read
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