Troop Cards - Series 1 (Genesis)

It’s a privilege to be the first BlackPool eSports manager to have a Troop Card series bestowed upon them and I can’t wait to start empowering their owners and rewarding them with exclusive benefits.


Troop Cards are community NFTs and Series 1 pays homage to an iconic team of the world’s greatest ever football players.

This special collaboration was the amazing work of our close friends at Untitled Artwork with whom I had great fun from concept through to the final designs.

Today marks the start of an exciting chapter in which we are delighted to unveil and get this first series into circulation!

A full introduction to BlackPool Troop Cards can be read here and on Monday I'll host a Twitter Spaces to explain how you can get your hands on these, answer questions and share the very first benefits that the early adopters will enjoy!

Our inaugural Unique Troop Card auctioned and sold for 13 ETH on 22nd July, 2022 and has returned over 1.7 Ξ in yield during August and September.

Exclusive Series 1 Troop Card benefits:

  • Yield Gauge (via staking)
  • First Refusal / Discounts on Prize Cards Won
  • Referral incentives
  • Influence on team selections
  • Influence on transfers (in and out)

As the first team of rare cards are being distributed, a private club will be created for rare and unique card owners (most likely a Telegram or Discord channel) where the option will exist to help to discuss the early structure and potential benefits between us.

These collaborative benefits are specific to the owners of this Series of Troop cards!

BlackPool Troop Cards - OpenSea

BlackPool Troop Cards - Twitter

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