BlackPool ‘Troop Cards’ Have Landed!

We are thrilled to share with you the very first series of our BlackPool Troop Cards!

Troop Cards? Yes, you can now collect your very own BlackPool NFTs that will give you access to incredible perks in the BlackPool ecosystem!

Let’s start at the beginning. A year ago, the good people of the DAO started to tinker with the idea of minting a limited range of NFTs. NFTs that would reward long-term BPT holders, as well as anyone in the BlackPool community who has contributed and delivered exceptional work to the ongoing success of the DAO.

All this lead to the genesis of Series 1 of our BlackPool Troop Cards, which pay homage to our Sorare vertical. There are 11 unique NFT card designs available in 3 scarcities, inspired by the World XI of footballing icons!

Our first series originate from 11 different nationalities. Together, they assemble a 3-4-3 formation inspired by the best historical football team of all time.

In total, 1221 NFTs will be minted, broken down as follows:

11 x 100 common editions: Starting Auction Price 0.1 ETH

11 x 10 rare editions: Starting Auction Price 1 ETH

11 x unique edition of each card: Starting Auction Price 10 ETH


How to Get a BlackPool Troop Card?

There will be 3 different ways that you can get your hands on one of our Troop Cards:

Auction: Each month we will auction off a minimum of 5 full teams of Common and Rare cards with a starting price of respectively 0.1 and 1.0 ETH. Every month, only 1 Unique card will enter the auction starting at 10 ETH.

Gifted: Remember at the beginning we said that we were thinking of ways to reward BlackPool community members for their contribution and exceptional work? Every month we will celebrate 11 outstanding contributors and gift them a complete team of 11 Common Troop Cards to salute their performances.

Redemption: Last but by no means least we will offer Troop Cards to our diamond-hand veBPT holders. Every month we'll take a snapshot and use varying metrics to reward new BPT stakers and existing stakers who extend their lock period. To celebrate the launch of our first series, a Common Troop Card will be airdropped to the top 50 wallet holders on our locked list!

Now on to the meaty stuff! What are the actual perks of owning a BlackPool Troop Card?

Troop Card Benefits

Your Troop Card is like a private membership card and lets you ape in on many BlackPool perks. Depending on the type of Troop Card you hold, the perks scale and get more and more exclusive.

Some of the initial benefits that you will get to enjoy as a Troop Card holder, but not limited to, are:

  • Membership yield gauges by staking your NFT on our protocol*
  • Influence on transfer decisions*
  • Influence on team selections*
  • Raffle tickets for conferences and panel talks that BlackPool is attending
  • Access to side-events and private parties
  • Personalised merch / limited drops (in collaboration with football teams)

*Available on Rare and Unique cards only

**As the first team of Rare cards are being distributed, a private club will be created for Rare and Unique card owners (most likely a Discord channel) where the option will exist to help to start directly influencing some of these exciting ownership benefits.

Collect Them All and Level Up Your Perks

We mentioned that there were 11 different designs inspired by the best players of all time right? Well, many of you may want to own a complete team, and if you collect all 11 designs, you will level up your perks to that of the next scarcity!

  • If you collect a full team of the common scarcity, you will level up your perks to that of owning one Rare Troop Card.
  • If you collect a full team of the rare scarcity, you will level up your perks to that of owning one Unique Troop Card.

As you build your team, you can track your progression and monitor your perks, when your wallet is connected to the BlackPool website.

Get ready, the first Troop Card auctions will be announced soon!

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