NewsletterBlackPool Academy Community Newsletter #5

This edition of the BlackPool Academy Newsletter tries to strike a balance between the good and the challenging, and can hopefully provide some inspir...

TonberryJan 21st 22 - 8 min read
eventsNon Fungible Auction - LisCon edition

Following the success of the first edition in Paris for EthCC last July, BlackPool wrapped up the LisCon week in style on Friday evening, with another...

BlackPoolOct 23rd 21 - 4 min read
NewsletterBlackPool Academy Community Newsletter #2

If you had asked me 3 years ago which cryptocurrency I thought would see widespread adoption by the public for payments of goods and services, SLP on ...

TonberryAug 10th 21 - 7 min read
eventsThe Arcade 2022 - Debrief

For the first time in Herd history, we all gathered in a huge central place for more than a week. A web3 hub, centered on the future of gaming. It was...

Artha & BlackPoolNov 30th 22 - 5 min read
bulletinBlackpool Bulletin #19

Hello Apes! The Bulletin is evolving from this week. Less news, more curated, and coming to you every week! We are happy to create a chill rendez-...

ArthaSep 5th 22 - 3 min read
bulletinBlackpool Bulletin #18

Greetings Dear Apes, It has been a long time since the last Bulletin, but we are back, more apish than ever. In today's news: a lot of drama, Tornad...

ArthaAug 30th 22 - 7 min read
NewsletterBlackPool Academy Community Newsletter #4

Play to earn is not just a way to provide enough of a living wage for scholars, but allows them to use the additional income as a launchpad to improve...

TonberryNov 17th 21 - 9 min read
eventsBlackPool x LisCon

We selected a troop of some of our finest contributors and sent them directly into the fray to host some events, make new connections and report back ...

BlackPoolNov 2nd 21 - 7 min read
NewsletterBlackPool Academy Community Newsletter #3

It has been an exceptionally busy month for the BlackPool Academy Community. Scholars are not just grinding SLP for themselves, but rather to enrich t...

TonberrySep 27th 21 - 7 min read
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