bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #45

This week has been tough. The SBV failure has been a major incident in the financial sector, and we are still not sure about the repercussions. It als...

BlackPool & Narcisse & Luci Mar 21st 23 - 5 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #42

It is incredible to see how fast things are growing these past weeks. The NFT-Fi narrative is bullish, the wallet abstraction is moving at light speed...

BlackPool & NarcisseFeb 28th 23 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #41

The Blur airdrop held twitter in its grip the past week. After months of introspective threads on maintaining the health of the ecosystem, the free mo...

BlackPool & NarcisseFeb 20th 23 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #40

Even if we already brought you the best of crypto news into your mailbox, we decided to improve our content. A deeper dive into all the stories we ove...

BlackPool & NarcisseFeb 13th 23 - 6 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #39

How to scam millions of people, but silently? Do it slowly. That is how a big group of influencers drained more than $200M through hundreds of project...

BlackPool & NarcisseFeb 6th 23 - 5 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #38

The Bear Market mood is affecting most of the fading twitter space. How to keep pushing when the main centralised social media is falling apart? Still...

BlackPool & NarcisseJan 30th 23 - 5 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #37

Not a lot is happening in the blockchain gaming universe this week. But the paradoxical mood of this bear market is still omnipresent: you can see, si...

BlackPool & NarcisseJan 23rd 23 - 4 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #36

Yuga Labs starting the year with a mint announcement is kind of a game breaker on the NFT side, and Illuvium nominated for 7 categories at Gam3rs’ Cho...

BlackPool & NarcisseJan 16th 23 - 3 min read
bulletinBlackPool Bulletin #35

We are quietly heading into 2023. No drama this week, two massive blockchain games coming to mobile phones… How will the industry react to this step? ...

BlackPool & NarcisseJan 9th 23 - 4 min read
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