Introducing BlackPool bonds on Olympus Pro

What are bonds and why are they useful to BlackPool and its community?


Liquidity is at the core of every DAO. That’s why we decided to take ours to the next level.

BlackPool has partnered with Olympus DAO to increase liquidity for BPT through the hugely successful Olympus Pro program!

Together we will achieve reduced volatility, reduced slippage, and benefit from deeper liquidity.

What is Olympus Pro?

Olympus Pro is the new industry-standard platform to help protocols acquire their own liquidity. All tutorials below!

What’s in it for The BlackPool Apes?

  • Get exposure to blue-chip NFTs at a discount from market price.
  • You don't have to worry about impermanent loss to get yield.
  • BlackPool doesn’t have to pay to rent liquidity for BPT-ETH. Reduced incentives = less dumping!
  • Increased treasury for more troops (and a higher AUM)
  • No need for liquidity mining (less dumping)
  • Introduces BlackPool to a new community of over 60,000 OHMies
  • New revenue stream through POL swapping fees
  • For BPT holders, this mechanism helps to reduce volatility and provide deeper liquidity on the pair.

To learn more about OlympusDAO and Olympus Pro, we will be doing an AMA with the Olympus Pro team in the coming days, stay tuned! (3, 3)

Olympus Pro is the ideal partnership for BlackPool with two very positive outcomes. Firstly, we benefit from the direct injection of ETH into our treasury! This is used for more investments within the ecosystem and to compound our already market-leading performance in Sorare, Axies, Aavegotchi, and BlackPool Labs! Second, increased liquidity ensures a more accessible and stable BPT whilst generating income for BlackPool through LP fees.

BlackPool is thrilled to partner with Olympus and joins several successful protocols such as Alchemix, Stake DAO, Angle, Pool Together, and Frax to cite a few...


Users can buy BPT at a discounted rate by pairing BPT with ETH and providing liquidity on SushiSwap. You can trade the SLP you receive from Sushiswap for discounted BPT here.

You can also trade wETH directly for discounted BPT.

Bonds carry a short linear 5-day vesting period to prevent immediate arbitrage.

As bond prices are determined by supply and demand you have to be quick! The discounts disappear quickly with over $100,000 in bonds already sold. Bonding is a very competitive space - compete for the largest discount.

Sushi LP bond tutorial - Supply wETH-BPT LP tokens, get discounted vested BPT.

1. Provide BPT + ETH liquidity here in exchange for LP tokens here.

2. Head to Olympus Pro.

3. Enter the amount of SLP tokens you wish to bond.

4. Approve → Bond.

5. Claim your discounted BPT!


wETH bond tutorial - Supply wETH, get discounted vested BPT

1. Head to Olympus Pro.

2. Enter the amount of wETH you want to bond.

3. Approve → Bond.

4. Claim your discounted BPT!


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