Immortal Update - Week 34


It’s chess time again, fellow Apes!

The 34th week of the Immortal leaderboards saw us snatch a top one finish against tough competition alongside other notable results. Read on for more details and observations, with a detailed breakdown of the marketplace moves we’ve made to follow.

Leaderboard and tournament results: great placements and the return of a familiar face

This week, our competitors snatched four top ten finishes on the IP leaderboard, with Jaggust_BP taking first place and the biggest prize on offer for us. With IM Egorka23 in fifth, IM Iaraldinho in seventh, and Masterconti14 in 8th, it’s been another good week of chess for us, further highlighting the strength and the consistency of our team. In total, this week’s rewards from the Immortal leaderboard amount to approximately 0.739 ETH.

Over on the Standard leaderboard, two of our players participated last week, with Snigurov_Maxim finishing in seventh and Bulb coming in eighth. In light of the anomalously strong performance of some of the other players this week, we see these as good results and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a different complexion of players on the top the next time out. This rounds out our expected goal of six top 10 leaderboard finishes per week across the two ladders, with Standard’s 0.176 yield amounting to a  total expected reward of 0.915 ETH from these competitions.

Last week’s Immortal Blitz Arena #1 and #2 events’ reward payments (approximately 0.334 ETH) have been delayed from Thursday to early this week, meaning these amounts will ultimately be counted as part of week 34. We’re expecting around an additional 0.3 ETH of rewards from this week’s upcoming #3 and #4 Immortal Blitz Arena events.

As mentioned last week, we have won the Team Alpha leaderboard feature, with rewards still yet to be announced. The detailed results are available here and you can find out more information about this team leaderboard here.

Inventory update: further increasing our AUM

We have made further purchases in the marketplace to add to our assets under management for Immortal: we’ve bought 2 POA for 2.014 ETH in total (a rook for 1.089 ETH and a bishop for 0.925 ETH). Also, four new polished pieces are now on the books: two pawns for 0.36 ETH, a queen for 0.285 ETH, and a knight for 0.221 ETH. This brings our AUM total to 80.397 ETH.

We are still waiting for the release of the extra masterpiece.

Overall, it was another week of performances that we can be proud of and we are looking forward to what the BlackPool team will bring to the table next. We’ll be back next week with more!