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Immortal Update – Week 45


Buenos días, fellow Apes!

It’s the beginning of yet another week, which means we have another set of excellent results to report to you about our team’s exploits in the Immortal leaderboards, the web3 chess platform we’ve been involved with for almost a year. The players on the BlackPool team have once again jumped into all available competitions and performed excellently along the way, yielding rich rewards as they secured the glory. Read on to find out more about the details and the standings, along with some additional good news to come regarding our presence in the space!

Leaderboard and tournament results: bounceback bonanza

Once again, our team has done an excellent job on the IP leaderboard, with a 1-2 finish augmented by four more top ten finishes, which means our entire team has finished in the segment of the competition we’re actively targeting.

This time, Android16 improved on his third-place finish to win the weekly competition, dethroning IM Egorka23, who finished in fourth place this time. Last week’s fourth-place finisher, IM Figther75, rocketed to second place this time. A little further behind, our vanguard of top performers is IM Song_Joong_ki in eighth, just ahead of Masteralejo14 in ninth and GrandMaster99 in tenth. All in all, the two podium positions and the six top ten finishes amount to an expected rewards total of 1.042 ETH.

Meanwhile, we had four players competing in the Standard leaderboard, with the previously mentioned goal of improving our showings in that exceptionally tough competition. We have some nice improvements to report, as FM Lordtic finished the week in second place and IM Manitodeplomo secured us another podium position with a third-place finish. Snigurov_Maxim also improved on last week’s ninth-place finish, ending up in eighth this time around. In total, these three top ten finishes yielded approximately 0.616 ETH in total rewards.

This means we’ve almost nailed our ambitious target of ten total top ten finishes across the two competitions, with nine in total, including four podium finishes, which is fantastic to see. This is also reflected in our increased rewards total, with the leaderboard yields adding up to 1.658 ETH for the week.

As usual, our players also participated in the Immortal Arena blitz tournament competitions, number #25 and #26, the results of which are available here and here. With three and four respective top-ten finishes, the expected yield from these two events is approximately 0.31 ETH.

Here is the full breakdown, with a comparison of last week’s performances:

  • Leaderboards: 1.042+0.616=1.658 ETH
  • Tournaments: 0.138+0.172=0.31 ETH
  • Total rewards for week 45: a minimum of 1.968 ETH

  • (Total rewards for the previous week: approximately 1.204 ETH)

Inventory update (yes, really!)

After a long period of holding our fire, we have made some adjustments to our managed assets, selling a polished Bishop for 0.4 ETH, the same price we bought it for a few months ago. We have also returned two loaned assets, a polished Knight and a POA Bishop from our collection. In total, this lowers our total assets under management (AUM) from 83.368 ETH to 81.263 ETH, which we see as a great way to gain a bit of liquidity to reinvest into better pieces in the near future.

What to expect from week 46

In terms of our plans for the main competitions, we will once again have six players competing on the IP leaderboard, and four team members involved with Standard. We have some additional good news, too: three strong International Masters have joined our team, and two of them, IM StrategicKing and IM IAMMORTAL will make their debuts on the IP leaderboard in week 46! They will make for great additions to the team and we can’t wait to see what they will bring to the table.