Immortal Update – Week 44


Guten Montag, fellow Apes!

That’s right, guess who’s back, back again? It’s BlackPool with the writeup on the BlackPool team’s performances in Immortal, the web3 chess game whose leaderboards we’ve been contesting for more than ten months now. Here is everything you need to know about how it all went down across the different competitions in week 44, and the rewards that came with our efforts.

Leaderboard and tournament results: Immortal win, Standard struggles

With glories after glories, even small setbacks may seem extraordinary, and the BlackPool team has reached the point where a one-two finish on one of the leaderboards and a smattering of top ten finishes alongside them no longer seem like an excellent outcome.

It was on the IP leaderboard where we have secured our now-customary victory, with IM Egorka23 winning on back-to-back weeks and IM Figther75 rising up to second place. Joined by Masteralejo14 in fourth place, these three high finishes still yielded approximately 0.826 ETH but overall represent a result below our target of six top-ten finishes in the competition.

Similarly, the Standard leaderboard continues to be a tough nut to crack, with IM Manitodeplomo in eighth place serving as our sole representative on the top end of the charts for week 44, with an expected rewards total of 0.176. We are looking to rotate and improve matters for better performances and results in this competition going forward.

Meanwhile, the Immortal Arenas, the regular twice-a-week blitz tournaments continued to roll by, and we have secured our usual slate of impressive top-ten finishes in these competitions. Arena number 21 saw us take three top-ten finishes for 0.123 ETH in total, and two of our players finished in these positions in number 22 for an additional 0.079 ETH.

As always, you can find all the tournament results broken down here and here for the two competitions.

Here’s what the total yield for the week looks like, and how it compares with the previous week:

  • Leaderboards: 0.826+0.176=1.002 ETH
  • Tournaments: 0.123+0.079=0.202 ETH
  • Total rewards for week 44: a minimum of 1.204 ETH
  • (Total rewards for the previous week: approximately 1.613 ETH)

Observations and what to look forward to next week

Just as before, we have no marketplace activity to report (and no new Masterpiece has been auctioned as of our previous reports), which means that our assets under management (AUM) total still stands at the earlier 83.638 ETH.

In terms of the various competitions involved, we will stick with the current setup of six competitors on the IP leaderboard and four on the Standard leaderboard, with a window to reevaluate this approach depending on the team members’ availability and the way the results continue to shake out. We are once again expecting to secure the win on the IP leaderboard, with a set of additional top ten finishes to augment the rewards earned. We are very much looking forward to seeing what the players will bring to the table, and we hope you are as well.