Large hand hovers over chess board, holding an Immortal Chess piece. Image is in Black and White

Immortal Update – Week 43


How do you do, fellow Apes?

The best part of last week was when our players said “its chessin’ time” and chessed all over the competition in the Immortal leaderboards. As usual, we’ve had a great set of performances and results to showcase to you, with the rewards to follow. If you read on to the end, you will be richly rewarded with further details and groan-inducing puns about how it all went down in week 43 of the competition.

Leaderboard and Tournament Results: Top Spots Galore

It was another strong week from the BlackPool team, even if the past month’s incredible results somewhat overshadowed this particular set of results. With IM Egorka23 bringing the goods to top the charts on the IP leaderboard, Android16 in third and IM Figther75 in fourth, followed by IM Manitodeplomo in seventh, we’ve secured two podium positions and four top ten finishes in total in the competition, with expected rewards of 0.925 ETH.

Over on the Standard leaderboard, the competition is getting more and more cutthroat – not that this could stop our team from snagging the top spot over there as well. Bulb finished the week in the first place, with loyal stalwart Snigurov_Maxim ending the competition in ninth, for a total of 0.432 in rewards added to the tally.

In total, this means that we’ve secured nine out of the planned ten high leaderboard finishes for the week (meaning top ten positions), which still constitutes an excellent result, even if our players have spoiled somewhat over the past few weeks by dominating the competition.

Over on the tournament front, the usual two Immortal Blitz Arenas (number nineteen and twenty, to be precise) took place alongside the leaderboard competitions. Details, as always, are available here and here for your perusal. With three top-ten finishes in each, we’ve secured an additional 0.145 ETH and 0.112 ETH in rewards, adding up to 0.256 ETH from the tournaments in total.

Here’s what the total yield for the week looks like, and how it compares with the previous week:

· Leaderboards: 0.925+0.432=1.357 ETH

· Tournaments: 0.145+0.112=0.256 ETH

· Total rewards for week 43: a minimum of 1.613 ETH

· (Total rewards for the previous week: approximately 2.157 ETH)

Observations and What to Expect From Next Week

We continue to hold our fire on the inventory front, so there is no further update to detail in terms of marketplace activity. Our assets under management (AUM) total remains at 83.638 ETH.

In terms of the competition, we will once again have six players competing on the IP leaderboard, and we will have four team members fighting for strong finishes in the Standard competition as opposed to the usual three, which will give us a great chance to further improve our performances on that particular leaderboard. We’re looking forward to what our players will bring to the table!