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Immortal Update – Week 42


Hello hello, fellow Apes!

Our team and players have once again delivered the performances, and the goods that come with it, in the competitions of Immortal, the web3 chess game we’ve been actively involved with for quite a few months. Strong performances on the leaderboards and in the weekly blitz tournaments yielded us some nice rewards, with an impressive number of top finishes and a full podium secured for the 42nd week of play.

As always, keep reading to find out more about the nitty-gritty of competitive chess in the web3 space and how the action unfolded in week 42 of the Immortal leaderboards.

Leaderboards and tournaments: premium podium performances

Yet again, the players of the BlackPool team have dominated the competition on the weekly IP leaderboard, with the entire podium consisting of our players on the 42nd edition of the event. This time, FM Schachspieler did one better than last time, finishing first instead of second, ahead of IM Egorka23 and Android16 in second and third, respectively. Last week’s winner, IM Figther75 (who we’d like to belatedly congratulate on his International Master title!) finished in eighth, and between them, you will find Masteralejo14 in sixth place. With these results, we’ve had five top ten finishes in the competition, quite close to our tentative target of six such placements. These results combined yielded approximately 1.097 ETH in rewards in total.

Over on the Standard leaderboard, four players have competed for us and they all finished in the top ten of the competition! FM Lordtic ended the week in second place, IM Manitodeplomo snagged the bronze medal, Bulb finished in fifth and Snigurov_Maxim secured tenth, yielding 0.72 ETH in expected rewards.

These leaderboard finishes add up to approximately 1.817 ETH in total for the week (a nice increase from last time around), once again adding up to nine out of the ten total expected top ten finishes across the two competitions, with five podium finishes to celebrate!

As usual, the Immortal Blitz Arena events have also brought along some nice results for us: Immortal Blitz Arena #17 and #18 alike finished with five BlackPool players in the top ten, yielding 0.169 and 0.171 ETH, respectively, adding up to 0.34 ETH in total. As usual, you check out the detailed breakdowns for the two tournament results here and here.

Here’s what the rewards breakdown looks like:

  • Leaderboards: 1.097+0.72=1.817 ETH
  • Tournaments: 0.169+0.171=0.34 ETH
  • Total rewards for week 41: a minimum of 2.157 ETH
  • (Total rewards for the previous week: approximately 1.678 ETH)

Inventory: zzz zzz

Nothing new to report. We continue to wait for the next Masterpiece release.

That’s all for week 42 – the meaning of life, the universe and everything, at least from a chess perspective. See you all again for week 43!