Large hand holding an Immortal Chess piece hovering over a chessboard. Image in Black & White

Immortal Update – Week 41


Greetings, greetings, fellow Apes!

Yes, it’s that time of the week again: it is when we recap our team’s exploits in the competitions of Immortal, the web3 chess game we’ve been corresponding about for most of the last year. Once again, our team and players have done quite well on the leaderboards and in the tournaments, yielding significant rewards. Read on to find out more about what went down in week 41 and what we’re expecting going forward!

Leaderboards and tournaments: podium placements galore

In what’s quickly becoming a joyful yet regular occurrence, the BlackPool team members once again secured the top positions on the weekly IP leaderboard. On week 41, it was IM Figther75 who topped the charts, just ahead of FM Schachspieler in second. We have three other notable results to report, with Android16 in fourth, IM Iaraldinho in seventh and Masteralejo14 in, fittingly enough, fourteenth.

In total, these results generated a yield of 0.976 ETH from this competition, which is in line with the fact that we’ve had four top ten finishes instead of the currently expected six.

This time, we’ve had more players competing in the weekly Standard leaderboard, where the action is only getting more and more explosive with every passing week. This time, we have three top-ten finishes to report from four players, with IM Manitodeplomo in second, FM Lordtic in ninth and Snigurov_Maxim in tenth. In total, our players’ efforts in this competition yielded 0.448 ETH.

These two sets of results add up to 1.427 ETH in total from the two leaderboards, with nine out of the ten total expected top ten finishes, showing that we’re still more than capable of staying close to the mark even as we continue to increase our expectations towards the team. And let’s not forget: it was another 1-2 finish for the BlackPool team on the IP leaderboard!

Immortal Blitz Arena #15 saw three of our players finish in the top ten for a combined reward of 0.118 ETH, with four such finishes in the subsequent (#16) tournament for an added 0.133 ETH in total. You can find a detailed breakdown for the two tournaments here and here, as usual.

Here’s what the rewards breakdown looks like:

  • Leaderboards: 0.976+0.448=1.427 ETH
  • Tournaments: 0.118+0.133=0.251 ETH
  • Total rewards for week 41: a minimum of 1.678 ETH

Inventory: zzz

There are only so many ways we can consecutively write about a complete lack of worthwhile pieces on the marketplace. For six weeks in a row, we decided against investing additional resources into the current offerings on the marketplace as the pieces on offer were not appropriately priced in our estimation. Just like in the previous weeks, this means our total assets under management for Immortal stayed at 83.638. We’re holding out for a hero and the inevitable arrival of the next Masterpiece.

That’s a wrap for week 41 – once again, thank you to the players for their powering performances. Here’s to more of the same, and perhaps even better results!