Immortal Update - Week 38


Bonjour Apes,

While the wider chess world is following the world championship in excitement, we’ve got our eyes glued on the BlackPool team’s excellent performances on the Immortal leaderboards: for yet another week, we’ve continued to perform extremely well in the web3 chess competitions, generating impressive yields along the way. Read on for a detailed writeup on how it all went down.

Leaderboards and tournaments: an awesome week for the BlackPool team

The results and showings in Week 38 surpassed all of our expectations as our team went strength to strength on both leaderboards, smashing our targets with not just six, but seven top-ten finishes in the two main competitions, with five players making the top five, including the win in the Standard Leaderboard.

Let’s dive into the details, shall we?

First things first, we’ve had an incredible set of performances on the IP leaderboard, with IM Egorka23, Figther75 and Android16 finishing in second, third and fourth place. Not very far behind, we also have Masteralejo14 ending the week in tenth, which makes for a whopping four top-ten finishes for us this week.

Meanwhile, our competitors on the Standard leaderboard continued to deliver their usual set of strong results, with IM Manitodeplomo bringing us the gold this time around, followed by FM Lordtic in third and Bulb in tenth. This was one of our all-time strongest showings on the leaderboards, and we are confident in maintaining the high level of results and weekly yields we’ve accomplished so far.

Needless to say, this means we’ve once again delivered on our target of six top-ten finishes on the two leaderboards, with an expected rewards total of 1.381 ETH in total, comprised of 0.765 ETH from the IP leaderboard and 0.616 ETH from the Standard leaderboard.

As you might have expected from an excellent week like this, our players also did quite well in the Immortal Blitz Arenas for the week. With two successive events taking place as usual, we’ve snagged four top-ten finishes in Immortal Arena #9 and three in Immortal Arena #10 for a combined rewards total of approximately 0.274 ETH for the week.

Onwards and upwards! With six players set to compete on the IP leaderboard this week and a larger-than-usual, four-player squad gunning for the Standard spoils, having eight top-ten finishers across these two competitions is within reach for the first time.

Inventory (non-)update: the wait continues to continue

For the third week in a row, we decided to sit out the marketplace action as the pieces auctioned either featured weak quests or were overpriced for their abilities. This means that our AUM total remains at 83.638, and it allows us for even more robust planning for when the next Masterpiece is inevitably released and auctioned.

That’s all for week 38 of Immortal, Apes – we’d like to congratulate our players again for their excellent performances, and we are all looking forward to what they will bring to the table the next week.