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Immortal Update - Week 37


Aloha fellow Apes,

We’re back with another round of details on our results and performances in Immortal, with another strong week to follow Week 36’s excellent exploits, continuing to deliver on our targets across the two leaderboards and the other competitions. Inventory-wise, we’re holding out for stronger offerings, but our players haven’t been holding back on the chessboard…

Leaderboards and tournaments: the good times keep on rolling

Week 37 capped another great set of showings from the BlackPool team, in a similar vein to last week’s results, once again hitting the mark of our consistent target: six top-ten finishes across the two main leaderboards.

Here’s how it went down this week.

We’ve scored a whopping four top-ten spots on the IP leaderboard, with IM Egorka23 leading the charge with a second-place finish. With Jaggust_BP in fourth, GrandMaster99 in sixth and Lavig in ninth, it was another strong set of performances from our players, raking in approximately 0.739 ETH in expected rewards for the week just from this competition alone.

Over on the Standard leaderboard, where regular chess rules rule the day, Bulb triumphed over all and ended the week on top of the podium. Coupled with Snigurov_Maxim’s sixth-place result, it was another excellent week for us in this competition, with rewards expected to add up to 0.44 ETH.

This means we’ve once again delivered on our target of six top-ten finishes on the two leaderboards, with an expected rewards total of 1.179 ETH.

Meanwhile, on the tournament front, the Immortal Blitz Arenas keep no rolling by, and events number seven and number eight have concluded in the past week. With four and three top-ten finishes in the two competitions, we’ve picked up an additional 0.267 ETH in rewards. As usual, the detailed results of the Blitz Arenas can be found here and here if you are interested in a deeper breakdown.

In total, our expected yield from competitive play adds up to approximately 1.446 ETH.

Inventory (non-)update: the wait continues to continue

Once more, our analysts are dissatisfied with the offerings on the marketplace, so we’re continuing to stack up our resources for the eventual masterpiece release. This means that our AUM total continues to stay at 83.638 for the week.

That’s all for week 37 of Immortal, Apes – we’re looking forward to further positive developments on the platform, and our players remain ready to do their best in the competitions.